Inner West Council is running a trial Special Entertainment Precinct on the coolest street in Sydney (according to Time Out magazine) between 1 September and 30 November 2022.

The precinct is just one way we're supporting live music, entertainment and performance in the area.

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During this trial period Council will be testing the following:

  • Allowing premises that host live entertainment to operate for an additional 30 minutes beyond the time specified on their development consent.
    Note: licenced premises will need to comply with their liquor licence conditions – please visit Liquor and Gaming’s Special Entertainment Precinct web page for further information.
  • Allowing footpath dining until 11 pm for any premises with a valid footpath dining licence.
  • Fixed level sound criteria contained within Section 8 of the draft Precinct Management Plan.

Trial period


The trial is being run to test the measures in place under the draft Precinct Management Plan. These measures include:

  • New compliance procedures
  • Fixed sound criteria for commercial premises
  • The roles and responsibilities of stakeholders

Click to read the draft Precinct Management Plan.

Do not hesitate to contact Council’s Strategic Planning staff with queries relating to the plan.


Residents, businesses and the wider community can provide feedback through the online survey on this page.

Feedback can also be provided through Council’s online self service portal. Details on how to do this are located on the instruction factsheet and on page 12 of the draft Precinct Management Plan.

What happens next?

After the trial Council will evaluate the precinct plan and the measures put in place. This will involve consultation with various stakeholders including residents, businesses, industry and the wider community.

Council will then decide the future of the precinct with the possibility of making it permanent in its current or an amended form.

Project history

Creating a Special Entertainment Precinct along Enmore Road is an acknowledgement of its status as one of Australia’s premier entertainment and hospitality destinations - a status we want to protect while being mindful about neighbourhood liveability. This proposal draws on recently legislated changes to the State Planning laws which allow Councils to:

  • designate Entertainment Precincts
  • make neighbourhood specific plans for entertainment sound regulation

The proposed changes, outlined in an Explanation of Intended Effect, were on exhibition from 10 June - 8 July 2022.

The NSW Government will use findings from the trial to finalise draft Guidelines to help councils establish and operate a special entertainment precinct.

​Watch a recording of the Council-run information session