Project updates

The three-month trial of the Enmore Road Special Entertainment Precinct has now concluded. Council is now commencing an evaluation period which will conclude on 31 July 2023.

During this evaluation period Council will review results from the online survey. Local residents, businesses and key stakeholders will receive direct invitations to provide additional feedback on their experience during the trial.

Extension of trial conditions

During the three-month trial period, Council received high levels of support from the community for making the Enmore Special Entertainment Precinct permanent.

As a result of this community support the conditions that applied during the initial three-month trial will continue to apply during the evaluation period.

No decision has been made on the precinct becoming permanent.

The following conditions will continue to apply during the evaluation period:

  • Premises that host live entertainment to operate for an additional 30 minutes beyond the time specified on their development consent.
    Note: licenced premises will need to comply with their liquor licence conditions – please visit Liquor and Gaming’s Special Entertainment Precinct web page for further information.
  • Footpath dining until 11 pm for any premises with a valid footpath dining licence.
  • Fixed level sound criteria contained within Section 8 of the draft Precinct Management Plan.

What happens next?

The results of the trial and the evaluation will be reported to Council, who will determine whether an application should be made to the Department of Planning for the Special Entertainment Precinct to be made permanent.

If Council decides to make this application, an additional round of statutory consultation will be undertaken with the community.