Council decision

24 March 2023

On Tuesday 14 March 2023 Council considered the recommendations to designate Enmore Road as a Special Entertainment Precinct on a permanent basis.

Council decided the following:

1. That Council supports the Planning Proposal to designate Enmore Road as Special Entertainment Precinct on a permanent basis and submit it to the Minister for Planning seeking a Gateway Determination under section 3.33 and 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

2. That Council place the Planning Proposal and draft DCP amendments on community consultation in accordance with Council's Community Engagement Framework to meet the requirements of the Gateway Determination, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021, should the Planning Proposal receive a favourable Gateway Determination.

3. That Council request delegation from the Minister for Planning to manage the plan making functions of the Planning Proposal.

4. That Council authorise the General Manager to make minor/technical modifications to the Planning proposal, Development Control Plan, and Special Entertainment Precinct Management Plan, prior to exhibition.

5. That Council commit to bringing forward a parking review for the precinct area from 2026 to 2023, which will consider impacts of the SEP to kerbside and residential parking and mitigation actions Council can take, including encouraging greater use of public and active transport.

6. That Council increase ranger patrols of the precinct area and surrounding streets in peak times (evenings and weekends) to ensure greater compliance with parking restrictions.

7. That Council engage with businesses within the precinct area to implement a ‘good neighbour’ management strategy, including:

a) crowd management for major events where queues may impact onto residential streets;

b) a public awareness campaign encouraging visitors to be considerate of noise when arriving at or leaving venues at night;

c) wayfinding signs and other measures to guide visitors from venues to public transport stops; and

d) an investigation of streetscape accessibility to ensure the precinct area is accessible to all visitors.

8. That Council reviews the zone in and around Enmore Road for any additional street cleaning required, and informs Councillors on the outcome of this review.