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How can we continue to manage and improve safety around Tempe South?

A condition for approving the development application for a new Bunnings Warehouse at 728-750 Princes Highway, is to identify how we maintain and improve safety for bike riders, pedestrians, and vehicles in the area. These proposals will be finalised as a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Plan.

Study Area

The LATM study area consists of: Barden Street, Edwin Street, Fanning Street, Foreman Street, Hart Street, Holbeach Avenue, Smith Street, South Street, Stanley Street, Station Street, Tramway Street, Union Street, Wentworth Street and Zuitton Lane.

In January 2021 Council completed the public exhibition of the draft Tempe South Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Plan to address key matters relating to traffic, walking and cycling in Tempe South.

The following options were supported by the community




Smith Street

Road Narrowing & Contrasting Pavement

Between Princess Highway and Wood Street

Holbeach Avenue

Speed cushions & road narrowing

Adjacent to No.14 Holbeach Avenue

Stanley Street

Flat top road hump

Adjacent to No.14 Stanley Street and No.32 Stanley Street

Wentworth Street

Wentworth Street Flat top road hump

Adjacent to No.6 Wentworth Street, approximately 20m south of Princess Highway

Edwin Street

Flat top road hump

Adjacent to No.23 Edwin Street

Tramway Street

Contrasting pavement threshold and flat top road hump

Approximately 30m south of Unwins Bridge Road

Barden, Fanning, Hart and Station Streets

Contrasting pavement threshold

Approximately 10m south of Princess Highway

These treatments are based on already approved vehicular access arrangements for the Bunnings development at 750 Princes Highway, Tempe.

Using feedback from the earlier public exhibition, a revised version of the LATM report is ready for community comments. Council is seeking further feedback on three treatment proposals in relation to Smith Street, Brooklyn Street and Union Street.

Based on feedback from Union Street residents, Council proposes to impose a ‘soft closure’ of Union Street by signage from Smith Street to Union Street. This will minimise through traffic on Union Street. This will require northbound traffic from south of Princes Highway to be diverted to Holbeach Avenue or other streets in the area.

Left and right only from Smith Street to Princes Highway, No Entry from Smith Street to Union Street restriction and Road Closure at Brooklyn Street


  • Traffic from Bunnings will be diverted away from Union, Brooklyn, Stanley, Edwin and Tramway Streets.
  • Road closure at Brooklyn Street may provide opportunities for additional parking and landscaping

  • Access to the north side of Princes Highway from the south side (Smith, Wood, Barden, Fanning, Wentworth, and South Streets) through Union Street will not be possible. Residents will be diverted to Holbeach Street. (shown in brown arrow below)
  • As the restriction will be enforced by signage, this may present compliance issues, which will need to be enforced by NSW Police.

Proposal one also has potential to divert traffic to Brooklyn Street to access Union Street, hence a permanent road closure in Brooklyn Street is also proposed. There are two options for this proposal a full road closure or a partial ‘exit only’ road closure. A road closure is recommended to be implemented together with the restrictions at Union Street.

Option one - full road closure

Option two - Partial 'exit only' road closure

There are two options available for calming traffic in Union Street, these are:

Option one - flat-top speed humps

Option two - 10km/h Shared zone proposal from Princes Highway to School Lane

Bunnings DA2017/00185 vehicle access diagram

Vehicle access under the original development application for Bunnings Warehouse at 728-750 Princes Highway is shown below. This may help you better understand vehicles movements in and out of the proposed site.

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What happens next?

Your feedback will be reviewed by the project team and pending support for each proposal will be included in the final LATM. The elected Council will make the final decision whether to adopt the plan. Everyone who provides feedback will be notified when the plan is being considered by Council.

Traffic Signals Feasibility Study

Additional work was also undertaken by Council to investigate the possibility of providing traffic signals at the Princes Highway driveway of the proposed Bunnings site (750 Princes Highway, Tempe). As the Bunnings development (including its vehicular access locations) has been already approved, both Transport for NSW and developer agreement is required to provide traffic signals as suggested by community. To date:

  • Previously the RMS (now Transport for NSW) did not support traffic signals at this location due to its close proximity with existing signals and traffic flow. Recently Transport for NSW has changed its position and are willing to support traffic signals, subject to a feasibility study.
  • The developer (Bunnings Properties Pty Ltd) has not expressed interest in submitting a modification to the development application to incorporate additional traffic signals at Princes Highway.

Currently the study in underway and once the draft report is ready, Council will commence dialogue with Transport for NSW and Bunnings on the report findings. This process will continue concurrently with the Tempe South LATM Plan.

Watch this space for an update once a decision on the traffic signals is made by Transport for NSW.