Project updates

Project details

Council is improving bicycle routes across the inner west to make it safer, more convenient and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike. One of the routes Council is planning to improve is along Livingstone Road, from Randall Street to Marrickville Park (Local Route 3). Draft detailed design plans for these improvements have been developed which you are invited to provide feedback on.

Download the draft detailed designs here

The process so far

In February and March 2016, Council invited the community to provide feedback on riding a bike along this route. The feedback received, along with technical assessments, was used to develop a draft concept plan which the community gave feedback on in June and August 2016. The comments received informed a final concept plan which was approved by Council in November 2016. Download the concept plan here.

The draft detailed design plans

Draft detailed design plans have been developed based on the approved concept plan. The proposed work includes:

  • Introducing a bi-directional separated cycleway on the western side of Livingstone Road

The cycleway would be built between the nature strip and the road to provide a dedicated space for people to ride bikes. It would occupy part of the parking lane while keeping most of the existing parking. The location of the parking and traffic lanes would move toward the eastern side of the road to allow for the cycleway. Traffic lanes in both directions would be retained.

  • Widening sections of footpath to create shared paths

Shared paths would be created near the intersections of Livingstone Road at Randall Street, Robert Street, Marrickville Road, Enfield Street, George Street and Pile Street. This would provide continuity of the route in places where there isn’t enough space to build a separated cycleway.

  • Creating shared environment intersections

Shared environments would be created at the intersections of Livingstone Road at Marrickville Avenue, Hollands Avenue, Hastings Lane and Hastings Street to improve safety and convenience for people walking and on bikes.

  • Increasing safety outside Kidzville Early Learning Centre

A textured, yellow surface would be installed on the path outside Kidzville near Marrickville Road to warn bike riders that they need to slow down. Signs and pavement markings would reinforce the message for people on bikes to reduce speed.

  • Improving access and safety on the eastern side of Livingstone Road

The grass verge would be lowered in places where it is too high for people to safely and easily park near the kerb.

  • Extending kerbs

Kerb extensions would be built at the intersections of Livingstone Road at Robert Street, Arthur Street, George Street and Pile Street to reduce the crossing distances for people walking or riding a bike.

Other proposed features

  • Street tree replacement and removaltrees that are ailing or have been identified by Council for replacement would be removed as part of this proposal. New trees and additional landscaping would be investigated to balance the impact of any trees removed.
  • Bus stopsthe location of bus stops will be mostly unaffected however some will be slightly repositioned. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details.
  • Signs and road marking – would be installed to improve motorists’ awareness of people on bikes and keep pedestrians and bike riders aware of each other on shared paths.
  • Lighting – some sections of lighting will be upgraded on this route to improve safety.

Parking changes

The draft plans would create some new on-street parking and remove some existing parking spaces. This would result in an overall loss of one parking space:

  • Livingstone Road: a net loss of ten spaces (18 spaces removed and 8 new spaces created)
  • Randall Street: three new spaces created
  • Hasting Street: two new spaces created
  • Robert Street: two new spaces created
  • Enfield Street: four new spaces created

View the draft detailed designs here

Read FAQs for more details

Printed copies of the plans are available to view at Council’s Petersham Service Centre or contact Predrag Gudelj, Project Manager – Transport Infrastructure on 9392 5801 to have one posted to you.

Have your say

You can provide feedback:

  • Online: using this form or
  • In writing to: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham, 2049 (please use reference number 17/SF2663 if mailing a submission)

The last day to give feedback on the draft plans is 7 September 2018.

What happens next?

All feedback will be reviewed and considered by Council. A report, including your feedback, will be considered by Council’s Local Traffic Committee at a meeting on 2 October 2018. The recommendations of the Committee will then be considered by Council at a meeting in 23 October 2018.
Everyone who provided feedback will be notified of the final decision. Construction of the improvements is expected to commence in 18/19 financial year.