Community Engagement Strategy 2022-24

We know that our residents and business owners are passionate about the future of our area and want to be involved. As part of our commitment to community engagement, Your Say Inner West is a place for you to:

  • Explore projects open for comment and read the associated materials
  • Reflect on how projects impact you, your neighbourhood, community and future generations
  • Express specific feedback and ideas to shape our future.

Since 2016, the community has provided feedback on over 170 Council projects. Will you join them?

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What is the process?

Identify a project

Elected representatives or Council staff identify a project. For example renewing a park, review of an expiring policy or exploring a new opportunity.

Community engagement

Council identifies if/how the community can provide meaningful feedback. Information is prepared and distributed with a closing date. A report about what we heard is prepared and shared with Elected representatives and everyone who provided feedback.

Elected Council decides

Council staff report back on what we heard and provide the elected representatives with a recommendation. The elected Council will have a discussion at a Council meeting.

Reporting an issue

If you need to report an issue or make a request, you can make contact via our online form. A customer service representative will help connect you with the right team.

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Engagement Team

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