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The Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre expansion has been approved for 13-55 Edinburgh Road, Marrickville as part of a Major Project Approval (MP09_0191) that was granted by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in March 2012.

The Major Project Approval facilitates uses which are complimentary to the function of the approved shopping centre, but which are technically prohibited in the existing IN1 General Industrial Zoning under Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (MLEP) 2011.

Key features of the planning proposal

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (MLEP) 2011 to permit retail premises, business premises, child care facilities, medical centres and community facilities on the site and permit these additional permitted uses only in conjunction with the approved shopping centre extension under the Major Project Approval.

The proposed amendment will provide additional uses that are compatible with the approved shopping centres and simplify the approval process for minor works (ie. shop fit-outs).

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  • By completing the Edinburgh Road Planning Proposal submission form
  • By mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049. Please mark your submission 13-55 Edinburgh Road Planning Proposal

Submissions close on Wednesday 31 March 2021.

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What happens next?

Following the exhibition period the Council will consider the submissions and decide whether it will recommend that the Minister of Planning should make the proposed LEP amendment. When the final decision is made and if the amendment is approved the change is gazetted (published on the NSW legislation website).