Developing a 10-year shared vision between Council and the community for upgrading Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre.


During January and February 2018 Inner West Council completed community engagement on the current use and future vision for the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre (LPAC). The feedback we received has been used to develop the draft Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre Master Plan which will be used to guide improvements at the LPAC over the next ten years

The Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre was opened in the 1960s and the first master plan was adopted in 2005 by the Former Leichhardt Council.

What is proposed to improve the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre?

The draft master plan aims to improve the user experience at LPAC, while retaining items that staff and the community enjoy. Specific strategies include:

  • Install a new nature based recreation zone with water play, toddler water play and water jet area. The proposed design will be integrated into the foreshore setting of trees and vegetation
  • Refurbished the existing building (lower terrace) with community function room and hire space with outdoor seating and harbour views
  • Install new picnic areas with BBQs, picnic settings and turf recreation spaces
  • Provide new unisex family change rooms
  • Construct a new 50m lap pool with an additional 2 lanes (10 lanes) with movable boom
  • Provide new spectator seating overlooking the 50m lap pool, improved shade structures, outdoor showers and new planting
  • Refurbish the existing diving pool and tower
  • Enclose the ‘mushroom’ children’s water play pool area with new operable roof and sliding doors – so the facilities can be used in winter as a closed area and opened for fresh air and breezes in summer
  • Refurbished Program Pool 2 with new hand rails and ventilation
  • Co-locate the male and female pool change rooms, toilets and showers.
  • Co-locate the fitness studios
  • Relocate the cafe with expanded outdoor covered seating area
  • Relocate and provide a new crèche, reception area and administration rooms
  • Improve the entry design with new landscaping
  • Improved equal access and circulation around the facility

Further Information

View the draft master plan

Read the Council report

Have your say

We’d like to hear from you again before Council adopts the plans. This will makes sure the proposed LPAC improvement meet your needs now and into the future. Complete the form below to tell us whether you support the draft plans and provide any comment you may have.

Feedback closes 31 October 2018

What happens next

The feedback received will be incorporated into the final master plan which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the master plan will be considered by Council.


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