Developing a 10-year shared vision for the ongoing conservation of the historic and much-loved Dawn Fraser Baths precinct.


During October and November 2017 Inner West Council completed community engagement on the current use and future vision for the Dawn Fraser Baths. The feedback we received has been used to develop the draft Dawn Fraser Baths Master Plan which will be used to guide improvements at the Baths over the next ten years.

What is proposed to improve the Dawn Fraser Baths?

The draft master plan proposes strategies that aim to improve the user experience at the Baths and in Elkington Park, while maintaining the existing character and sense of place. Some of the master plan strategies include:

  • Renovate the male and female showers, toilets and change rooms
  • Provide family change rooms
  • Provide equal access toilet, shower and change room
  • Provide additional seating options with moveable tables, chairs and sun lounges around the pool deck
  • Install pool-side shade umbrellas
  • Upgrade the existing lighting at the Baths to meet water polo match play requirements
  • Install a curated memorabilia display area
  • Improve the entry configuration and access from the harbour foreshore
  • Renovate the foreshore car park to improve equal access car parking and drop off area and provide an accessible route from the car park to the Baths entry
  • Improve the vehicle access driveway from Fitzroy Avenue
  • Raise the Baths floor level to mitigate climate change and sea level rise
  • Raise the beach area so entry is flush with the pool deck and install children’s seating terraces at the beach edges
  • Undertake weed removal and bank stabilisation with new locally native tree, shrub and groundcover plantings on the escarpment immediately behind the Baths
  • Improve the playground within Elkington Park and include nature play and planting
  • Renovate the public toilet facility within Elkington Park
  • Include Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) options to improve quality of stormwater entering the harbour

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We’d like to hear from you again before Council adopts the Master Plan. Your contributions will help to ensure the proposed Dawn Fraser Baths improvement meet your needs now and into the future. Complete the form below to tell us whether you support the draft plans and provide any comments.

Further Information

Read the Council Report

What happens next?

The feedback received will be incorporated into the final master plan which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the master plan will be considered by Council.


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Elkington Park needs better footpaths and kerb ramps
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