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In late 2020 Council exhibited Planning Proposal to make changes to the current planning controls for this land in the Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LLEP) including:

  • Increase the maximum floor space ration from 0.6:1 to 1.5:1
  • Restrict the maximum building height to RL 33.2 or 5 storeys
  • Add a site specific clause to LLEP 2013 which includes the following provisions:
    • objectives for the future redevelopment of the site
    • setbacks and a maximum height in storeys including height transitions

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What is happening now?

Council seeks your feedback on the proposed amendment to the Leichhardt Development Control Plan 2013 to provide a site specific DCP for the this site.

Planning documents

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  • By completing the DCP amendment submission form
  • Call us via FREE Interpreter or the National Relay Service Monday to Friday 9am-4pm and providing our phone number 02 9392 5689
    • For free interpreter call 131450
    • For Voice Relay call 1300 555 727
    • TTY call 133 677
    • SMS relay call 0423 677 767
  • By mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049. Please mark your submission DCP Amendment Lonsdale and Brenan Streets, Lilyfield

Submissions close on Friday 14 May 2021.

What happens next?

Following the exhibition of the DCP, Council will consider the submissions for both the draft DCP and the 2020 Planning Proposal for this site and decide whether it will recommend that the Minister of Planning should make the proposed LEP and DCP amendments. All those who provide feedback will be notified when the Council will consider this matter.