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Community engagement is the process by which the community participates in and influences Council's decision-making. Our Community Engagement Framework pdf guides how we'll inform you and seek your input on decisions about planning, infrastructure and services in the Inner West.

Proposed new section about planning notifications

To increase community participation in planning matters, we've made the process easier to understand by including a new section in the Framework on how we'll notify you about:

  • planning proposals for local environmental plans (LEPs) that have received a Gateway determination from the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE) to proceed
  • draft development control plans (DCPs).

What is in the new section?

What is the notification period?
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 specifies that planning proposals and draft DCPs must be publicly exhibited for 28 days (unless a gateway determination states otherwise).

Who is notified?
Unless a Gateway determination states otherwise, the extent of notification will be determined based on a series of considerations including the scale, complexity, nature and potential impact of the planning proposal or instrument for all the following categories of amendments:

- Minor amendment
e.g. Adding or removing a heritage item, adding or removing a use that does not require complex assessment in the Local Environmental Plan (LEP)
e.g. Adding or removing any site specific controls in the Development Control Plan (DCP)

- Major amendment
e.g. FSR and height amendments in the LEP
e.g. Major changes to controls such as car parking or built form in the DCP

- Complex amendment
e.g. Change of zoning or matters that involve significant consideration of economic, environmental and transport issues in the LEP
e.g. Significant change to controls that involve significant consideration of economic social environmental or transport issues in the DCP

- Precinct amendment
Similar to a complex amendment but where the proposal relates to multiple lots

Where Council is of the opinion that properties in an adjoining local government area may be affected by a planning proposal or draft DCP, a notification letter will be sent to the relevant council.

How we notify?
A notification letter or email will contain the following:

  • Address of the site, where applicable
  • Description of the proposed amendments
  • Details of the consultation period
  • How to view the planning proposal
  • Details on how to make a submission

In addition to written notification, all amendments will be notified on Council’s website. For amendments that are not site specific, and involve changes that apply to many properties, Council may not send letters. Council has the discretion to alter any of the above where the nature of the proposal, its location or history warrants it.

Download the draft amendments PDF which includes an additional 11 minor housekeeping changes to update and simplify the Framework

Have your say

Tell us what you think of the revised 2021 Community Engagement Framework:

  • Online, by completing the feedback form
  • Contact us via phone or email
  • If you'd like to obtain a hardcopy of the framework and the proposed revisions contact us
  • Call us via FREE Interpreter or the National Relay Service Monday to Friday 9am-4pm and providing our phone number 02 93925204
    • For a free interpreter call 131450
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  • By mail, addressed to Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049, attention to Annie Coulthard

Feedback closed on 4 May 2021

What happens next?

The changes to the Community Engagement Framework will come back to a meeting of the elected Council. Councillors will consider your feedback before deciding whether to adopt the final document. Everyone who makes a submission will be advised of the decision. The final Community Engagement Framework will be published on this page, and on the NSW Planning Portal.

Revised Community Engagement Framework

CLOSED: This engagement is closed. Thank you to all who provided feedback.