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Project details

Council is upgrading bicycle infrastructure to make it safer and easier for people of all abilities to make every day trips by bike. Regional Route 7 (RR7) is an important east-west route between Lewisham and Newtown which links the inner west to Sydney CBD. The NSW Government identified RR7 as a priority route and is funding the development of the upgrade plans.

The route is 3.8 kilometres long and consists of two sections:

  • Section 1 – Longport Street, Lewisham, to Crystal Street, Petersham
  • Section 2 – York Crescent, Petersham, to Eliza Street, Newtown.

See an overview of the entire route.

The process so far

In 2016, Council asked the community and other key stakeholders for feedback about this route. The feedback received and technical assessments of the study area were used to develop a draft concept plan. Community members were then invited to give feedback on the draft concept plan and the comments received informed a final concept plan. The final concept plan was considered and approved by Council in February 2017.

What’s happening now?

Draft design plans have been developed based on the approved concept plan. These plans provide more detail for constructing the route improvements. The main infrastructure changes are outlined below.

Proposed work


Re-aligning the kerb to install a 2.4 metre wide bi-directional separated cycleway (see green sections on route overview)

Sections of:

  • Longport Street, Lewisham
  • Trafalgar Street, Petersham
  • Douglas Street, Stanmore
  • Railway Avenue, Stanmore
  • Railway Terrace, Stanmore

Widening the footpath to create shared paths for bike riders and pedestrians (see blue sections on route overview)

Re-aligning the kerb and re-constructing the intersection to include the bi-directional separated cycleway

  • Gordon Crescent and Douglas Street intersection, Stanmore

Building a shared environment to make it safer and easier for people walking and on bikes to cross the road

  • Intersection of Brown and Longport Streets, Lewisham
Reconstructing traffic islands and building kerb extensions to improve safety for people on bikes
  • Roundabout at Railway Avenue/Liberty Street/Trade Street
Realigning the roundabout to allow for bi-directional separated cycleway
  • Trafalgar Street and Audley Street intersection, Petersham

Other proposed features

  • Street tree replacement and removaltrees that are ailing or have been identified by Council for replacement would be removed as part of these plans. New trees and additional landscaping would be investigated to balance the impact of any trees removed. Find out more
  • Bus stopssome bus stops would be slightly relocated as part of this plan. Others would be removed as part of the State Transit Authority’s bus stop rationalisation plan. Find out more
  • Signs and road marking – would be installed to improve motorists’ awareness of people on bikes and keep pedestrians and bike riders aware of each other on shared paths.
  • Way finding signage – would be provided for bike riders along the route
  • Lighting – A lighting assessment will be undertaken at a later stage of the design process. Directly affected resident would be invited to comment on any proposed lighting upgrades.

More information

Have your say

You can provide feedback by completing the form below. The last day to give feedback is 29 March 2018.

Parking changes

The draft plans would create some new on-street parking and remove some existing parking spaces. This would result in an overall loss of 31 parking spaces. See the locations of the parking changes

What happens to my feedback?

A report, including the community’s feedback, will be considered by Council’s Local Traffic Committee at a meeting on 10 April 2018. The recommendations of the Committee will then be considered by Council on 24 April 2018.