Project updates

Project details

We have developed a draft parking strategy for Croydon to address key concerns in the area.


How was the draft strategy prepared?

The strategy has been developed using information from:

  • Input during community engagement in March 2019 via Your Say Inner West, mail out to residents
  • Ongoing correspondence from the community about parking issues in the Croydon area
  • Parking data collected in December 2018

What’s in the draft strategy?

The strategy includes options for resident parking scheme in the following streets:

  • Anthony Street - between Edwin Street and Etonville Parade
  • College Street - entire street
  • Croydon Road
    • between Elizabeth Street and Anthony Street
    • between Anthony and Hunt Streets
  • Edwin Street
    • North of Anthony Street
    • between Elizabeth and Anthony Streets
    • between Paisley Road and Thomas Street
    • between Thomas Street and Liverpool Road
  • Highbury street - entire street
  • Heighway Avenue - between Edwin and Frederick Streets
  • Paisley Road - East of the Strand
  • Thomas Street - between Paisley Lane and Walter Street
  • Walter Street - entire street

What is a resident permit scheme (RPS)?

RPS introduces a time restricted parking for all users, resident permit holders excepted. Proposed time restrictions are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Residents will have to apply annually for permits. First permit is free, and second permit will cost $56.50.


You must be a resident who lives within the resident parking scheme area

Permits are only issued to cars and motorcycles – not boats, caravans, buses, trailers, trucks or unregistered vehicles

Number of parking permits

The maximum number of permits per property is two and depends on how many parking spaces are on the property (including garages and driveways) and the number of vehicles registered to the property (including garages, driveways) and the number of vehicles registered to the property. The following table provides a guide.

Parking spaces on property
Maximum number of permits
1 - if more than one vehicle is registered to the property

0 - if one vehicle is registered to the property

Have your say

Share your thoughts on the draft Parking Strategy

  • Online by completing the draft Croydon Parking Strategy submission
  • By mail addressed to: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049, attention to Sunny Jo.
  • In person at: Ashfield Service Centre

Last day to provide feedback is Sunday 15 December 2019

What happens next?

The feedback received where possible will be incorporated in the final strategy which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the policy will be considered by Council.