Project updates

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Council has endorsed the public exhibition of the draft Lobbying policy.

What is this policy about?

It is in the public interest that lobbying is fair and does not undermine public confidence in impartial decision making.

The Lobbying policy sets out a framework and process for fair and legal lobbying of Council officials. Main features include:

  • The need for lobbyist to register each matter on which they intend to lobby Council
  • List of actions that Council Officials must avoid during the lobbying process
  • The banning of lobbying by tenderers about the outcome of a tender process

Have your say

You are invited to provide feedback on the draft Lobbying policy.

Last day to provide feedback is 3 November 2019

What happens next?

The feedback received will be incorporated into the final policy which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the policy will be considered by Council.