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We would like to celebrate the long-standing relationship with Italo-Australians by formally naming an Italian precinct/s in the Leichhardt Ward (Gulgadya). For the past 60 years, the Inner West, especially the suburb of Leichhardt has been the symbolic heart for Italian migration in Sydney. The Italian-migrant community has contributed to several industries and influenced the character of our built environment and culture.

Il Comune desidera identificare la zona/le zone italiane. Negli ultimi 60 anni, l’Inner West e il sobborgo di Leichhardt in particolare, hanno rappresentato il centro simbolico dell’immigrazione italiana a Sydney. La comunità di immigrati italiani ha contribuito a diverse industrie e ha influenzato il carattere del nostro ambiente costruito e della nostra cultura.


During early European settlement, a small number of Italian-migrant fishermen, tradesmen and artists called Leichhardt home. It was between the two World Wars, when America stopped migration, that a surge of family groups moved to Australia.

The post war years saw the greatest influx of Italians migrating to Sydney. Leichhardt became a meeting place for the community, boasting a range of businesses from real estate and travel agents, to financial services, driving schools, law firms, restaurants, cafes, homewares, and fashion. In 1933 there were 259 Italian-run shops in Leichhardt.

Are you interested in history? Read more in the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the local history section in Leichhardt Library.

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Help us determine an appropriate geographical area.

There are two areas that shape the Italo-Australian identity in the Inner West. Could they both be a part of Little Italy?

Historically, Leichhardt has supported the Italian migrant community since early settlement. In the post-war years Leichhardt provided a social, cultural, economic and spiritual meeting place. More recently, Haberfield (the Garden Suburb) has emerged as a thriving hub for Italian family-run businesses.

Where do you think the heart of Little Italy is? Drop a pin on the map and share why you think this location is the heart. As part of your feedback, we will ask you to create a screen name and provide an email. Your screen name and comments are public and can be read by other contributors. Thank you for keeping your comments respectful of others. Your email is private.

Is ‘Little Italy’ the right name?

Historians and media reports dating back to the 1980s have referred to Leichhardt as Little Italy. Haberfield has been referred to as the New Little Italy. We’d like to know if you agree with naming a precinct Little Italy and why/why not.

The last day to provide comment is Sunday, 24 November 2019.

Dite la vostra

Aiutateci a determinare l’area geografica giusta.

Vi sono due aree che plasmano l’identità dell’Inner West. Potrebbero entrambe far parte di Little Italy (Piccola Italia)? Dove pensate si trovi il centro di Little Italy? Segnate il punto sulla mappa e condividete il motivo per cui credete che questo posto ne sia il centro.

‘Little Italy’ è il nome adatto?

Gli studiosi di storia e i mezzi di informazione sin dagli anni ’80 fanno riferimento a Leichhardt come a Little Italy. Haberfield è stata chiamata New Little Italy (Nuova piccola Italia). Desideriamo sapere se siete d’accordo di denominare una zona Little Italy e perchè/perchè no.

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What happens next?

Council staff will review your feedback and an Engagement Outcomes Report will be uploaded here. A recommendation will be presented to the Councillors for a final decision. Everyone who has their say will be contacted when Council considers the report.