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Iron Cove Creek runs approximately 3.5 km between Liverpool Road and Iron Cove, along the boundary between Ashfield and Croydon in its upper reaches, and between Haberfield and Five Dock in its lower reaches.

Inner West Council has developed a draft Masterplan for Iron Cove Creek and we are inviting the community to provide their feedback.

Last day to provide feedback is 8 December 2023.

A master plan provides a strategic long-term vision or framework for how an area could change in the future. It is a design report outlining infrastructure options and considerations that would guide and inform any future changes. Whilst a masterplan does not have legislative weight, it is an important first step providing the foundations for collaboration and funding. The Iron Cove Creek Masterplan outlines possible improvements to the Iron Cove Creek corridor and considerations for providing a path for walking and cycling, more natural habitat and places for people.

Following advocacy by the Friends of Iron Cove Creek, Council resolved to prepare the Iron Cove Creek Masterplan to explore the provision of a walking and cycling path along Iron Cove Creek canal between Ashfield Aquatic Centre and the Bay Run. On 13 April 2021 Council resolved the following:

  • Notes Friends of Iron Cove Creek advocacy and community support for a pedestrian/cyclist link along Iron Cove Creek from Liverpool Road to the Bay Run, via the Ashfield Pool and:
  • Includes the Iron Cove Creek link in the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan & Cycling Strategy and prioritises implementation through grants, developer contributions and the budget process; and
  • Commence the capital works project by funding a Dobroyd Canal Iron Cove to Ashfield Shared Path Masterplan in 2021/2022, which outlines the proposed program of works, investigates the feasibility of the proposed works and prioritises the delivery of the work

The Friends of Iron Cove Creek community group has provided advocacy and community support throughout development of the draft Masterplan, and in November 2022, Council sought community feedback to inform the draft Masterplan. The Masterplan supports strategic directions outlined in Council’s Community Strategic Plan Our Inner West 2036, and the Inner West Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) as well as the NSW Government’s Sydney Green Grid.

View the initial engagement here.

The draft Masterplan divides the corridor into six precincts each with different characteristics and opportunities, and outlines opportunities and considerations to explore the following:

  • Make it safer and easier to walk and cycle in the local area and between popular recreational facilities
  • Improve connections to local streets, parks and recreational facilities
  • Unlock access to the Iron Cove Creek corridor on land owned by Sydney Water and Inner West Council
  • Make it easier to cross Parramatta Road for people walking and bike riding
  • Provide more trees and habitat and places for people

The draft Masterplan explained

The draft Masterplan divides the route into six different precincts:

  1. Heighway Avenue to Elizabeth Street
  2. Elizabeth Street to John Street
  3. John Street to Church Street
  4. Church Street to Parramatta Road
  5. Parramatta Road to Ramsay Road
  6. Ramsay Road to Iron Cove Creek

You can view the key features of each precinct on this page or read the documents to understand the plan.

Have your say

You are invited to provide your comments on the draft Master Plan using the following channels.

  • Online using the form below
  • Call us on 02 9392 5321
  • Email
  • Mail us at Inner West Council, PO BOX 14, Petersham, NSW, 2049 (Att: Daniela Kiproff)
  • Contact the National Relay Service, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm and provide our phone number 02 9392 5321 for:
    • Voice relay call 1300 555 727
    • TTY (speak and read) call 133 677
    • SMS relay call 0423 677 767

Feedback closes on Friday 8 December.

Project stages

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Stage one - background work

    Establishing the constraints of the project in terms of land ownership, local connections and work with other government authorities.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Stage two - vision and strategy

    We want to hear the community's thoughts and visions to help shape the Master Plan.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Stage three - under review

    We’re reviewing your comments and will report back on what we heard.

  • Timeline item 4 - active

    Stage four - first draft of plan presented

    We will prepare a draft Master Plan for the community to review.

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    Stage five - Finalisation of the draft Master Plan

    Based off your feedback, there may be changes to the draft Master Plan prior to a decision made by Council.

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    Stage six - Decision by Council

    Final draft is presented to Council and a decision is made

We acknowledge that this land area traditionally belonged to the Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora nation.

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