Project updates

Project details

Council seeks feedback on the Planning Proposal to amend the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (MLEP) 2011 for the site (known as the Cyprus Club) at 58-76 Stanmore Road, 2-20 Tupper Street and 1, 3-9 Alma Avenue, Stanmore.

The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) issued a Gateway Determination in June 2021 for the Planning Proposal to proceed to public exhibition. Council has been given delegation to exhibit the Planning Proposal as the Planning Proposal Authority but does not have the authority to make the plan.

Planning Proposal site within red boundary: Site A, Site B, Site C

Key features of the planning proposal

The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the subject site and amend the maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) and Height of Building (HOB) to enable a mixed-use development comprising up to 120 dwellings and a minimum of 1500m2 floorspace for commercial/club uses.

Proposed changes to the MLEP 2011 include:

  • rezone parts of the site: Site A - B4 Mixed Use, Site B and Site C – R1 General Residential
  • amend the FSR controls: Site A and Site B - 1.75:1; and Site C - 1 :1
  • amend the HOB controls: Site A – 21m, Site B – 17m (western side), 21m (eastern side) and Site C -11m
  • amend the Key Sites map to identify the Cyprus club site
  • Introduce site-specific clause which requires:
  • B4 mixed-use zone to permit a residential flat building only if it includes a minimum of 1500m2 floorspace for a Registered Club and Commercial premises
  • new development to demonstrate that it will not significantly increase vehicular traffic in the area
  • preparation of a site-specific Development Control Plan to address detailed matters such as built form, landscaping, streetscape, amenity etc

Planning documents

1. Gateway Determination 9. Heritage Impact assessment
2. Gateway letter to Council 10. Urban Design and Indicative Scheme Part One and Part Two
3. Planning Proposal 11. Supplementary Rationale for Urban Design
4. Planning Proposal Maps 12. Peer Review Urban Design
5. Environmental Site Investigation 13. Draft DCP Framework
6. Traffic report 14. Landscape Design
7. Environmental Noise Assessment and Noise Mitigation Strategy 15. Landscape Design Intent letter
8. Referral advice from Airports (Department of Infrastructure) 16. Arboriculturally Assessment

17. Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement

Hard copies are available to read at:

  • Petersham Service Centre, 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham
  • Ashfield Service Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield
  • Leichhardt Service Centre, 7-15 Wetherill St, Leichhardt

Have your say

  • By completing the Cyprus Club site submission form
  • By mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049. Please mark your submission Cyprus Club site, Planning Proposal
  • Call a FREE Interpreter or the National Relay Service, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm and provide our phone number 02 93925968
    • Free Interpreter call TIS National on 131 450
    • Voice relay call 1300 555 727
    • TTY call 133 677
    • SMS relay call 0423 677 767

Submissions close on Sunday 19 June 2022

What happens next?

After the exhibition period closes, your feedback will be reported to Council who will consider whether to progress with the proposal. Council’s recommendation will then be reported to DPE who will make the final determination regarding making the proposed LEP amendment. When the final decision is made and if the amendment is approved, changes to the MLEP 2011 (or draft Inner West LEP 2022) will be published on the NSW legislation website.