What does gazettal mean?

    Once an amendment to a Local Environmental Plan is approved by the NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) it comes into law by being published in the NSW Government Gazette. The changes to the planning controls apply to the land from the date of the Gazette publication

    What is the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011?

    What is the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011?

    Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011 is the local environmental planning instrument that applies to land in the former Marrickville local government area. Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide planning decisions for local government areas. They do this through zoning and development controls, which provide a framework for the way land can be used. LEPs are the main planning tool to shape the future of communities and also ensure local development is done appropriately.

    What is a Development Control Plan amendment?

    A Development Control Plan amendment is a change to the specific Development Control Plan for a Local Government Area.

    What is Marrickville Development Control Plan (MDCP) 2011?

    A development control plan provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the LEP. Find out more about MDCP here

    What is a planning proposal?

    A planning proposal is a process to change the Local Environmental Plan for an area to allow new development to occur.

    How does this DCP differ from the one exhibited in September 2016

    This draft Development Control Plan (in the form of a draft amendment to the Marrickville Development Control Plan (MDCP) 2011) was prepared in response to specific approval conditions of the Victoria Road Precinct Planning Proposal.