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Due to a formatting error, the material displayed on this page for this public exhibition contained a copy of the current DCP in addition to the proposed amended DCP, as a single PDF document. This made it unclear as to what content is proposed to be amended.

Therefore we are re-exhibiting the draft amended DCP as a single PDF document.

If you viewed the exhibition material on this page we recommended you view the revised document and make a new submission if necessary. The re-exhibition closes on 26 June 2019.

Otherwise, your existing submission will be reviewed as part of the total public responses received.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and welcome any further comments you may wish to make on the draft plans.

Important Note: The hard copy exhibition material that has been available at all of Council’s Service Centres and selected Inner West Libraries, during the exhibition, was not affected by this formatting error.


At its meeting on 26 March 2019, Council resolved to publicly exhibit a draft amendment to Part 9.47 – Victoria Road Precinct of the Marrickville Development Control and the Marrickville Section 94/94A Contributions Plan 2014 (Victoria Road Precinct 47 Sub-plan).

Part of the Victoria Road Precinct was rezoned by the NSW Government on 1 December 2017 allowing new multi-unit residential, mixed use and business development uses, significantly increasing development potential within the Precinct.

To manage development within the Precinct, a Development Control Plan (DCP) was placed on public exhibition and adopted by Council in July 2018. View the project page.

What is happening now?

Due to the rezoning, improvements to the road network, and additional flooding and stormwater infrastructure are required. Council has developed a local contributions plan to address these critical needs. The contributions plan contains:

  • Traffic and transport improvements $0.6M
  • Flooding and stormwater improvements $15M

Amendments to the adopted DCP are also required. The amendments aim to:

  • Facilitate the implementation of the adopted vision for the precinct, through the introduction of Council nominated amalgamation blocks within the draft Development Control Plan (DCP) amendments;
  • Facilitate the delivery of new or improved road, laneway, footpath and active transport links (including on-road bicycle paths) which satisfy the access requirements of the NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services for the precinct;
  • Resolve potential discrepancies between the Floor Space Ratios (FSRs) and achievable building heights within the adopted DCP for the precinct;
  • Provide redevelopment block separation distances and shadow diagrams for certain sections of the precinct;
  • Embellish waste, urban forest, open space protection and privacy provisions within the DCP;
  • Manage drainage and flood risks within the precinct through draft DCP amendments and the proposed Contribution Plan (CP) amendment;
  • Undertake a range of other draft DCP amendments; and
  • Levy appropriate contributions on development within the precinct so that necessary investment in infrastructure can be undertaken to support the planned growth.

The draft contributions plan and draft DCP amendments work together to ensure that appropriate local infrastructure is provided to accommodate future development in the Precinct.


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Have your say

Council invites your feedback on the proposed amendments

  • Online: by completing the Victoria Road DCP and Contributions Plan submission 19/SF136
  • Mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham, NSW 2049 Reference: Ref: 19/SF136 Victoria Road Precinct Public Exhibition 2019

Submissions close 5:00pm on Wednesday 26 June 2019.

What happens next?

Everyone who makes a submission will be emailed a link to the subsequent council report and the date at which the elected Council will decide whether to adopt these amendments or any other amendments arising from the exhibition.