Project updates

Project details

AMP Capital Shopping Centres (AMPCSC) is expanding Marrickville Metro. As part of this, AMPCSC will be improving traffic, pedestrian and cyclist conditions on Victoria Road, between Murray Street and the dead end.

The proposed work includes:

  • Constructing a pedestrian refuge island and stamped concrete treatment at the intersection of Victoria Road and Murray Street;
  • Extending the existing ‘No Stopping’ zones on Victoria Road to improve motorists’ visibility of pedestrians at the refuge;
  • Upgrading the kerb ramps at this intersection;
  • Modifying the existing cycleway refuge on Murray Street;
  • Constructing a kerb extension and three speed cushions in front of 39 Victoria Road; and
  • Installing associated traffic signs and line markings.

The proposal would reduce vehicle speed, prevent trucks from entering Victoria Road and increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Parking changes

This proposal would result in the removal of two on-street parking spaces on Victoria Road at the Murray street intersection. Vehicle access to adjoining properties will remain.

Have your say

Let us know if you support or object to this proposal using the feedback form below. The last day to comment is 10 SEPTEMBER 2016

What happens next?

A report which includes community feedback will be considered by Council’s Local Traffic Committee at its 6 October 2016 meeting. The Committee will make recommendations based on the objectives of the proposal and submissions received and these recommendations will be referred to Council to consider at its 25 October 2016 meeting.

After the proposal is approved by Council, AMP Capital Shopping Centres will implement the work.