Verge gardening is one of many urban greening and gardening programs that Inner West residents can get involved in. Verge gardens help to:

  • improve biodiversity corridors
  • address climate change impacts such as urban heat
  • make the Inner West a better place to live

Council encourages the appropriate planting and maintenance of verge gardens by residents as it helps contribute to the safety, accessibility and ecological health of the Inner West.

  • Not all verges are suitable for verge gardens. There are many issues to consider when establishing a verge garden.

  • Verge gardens can be a source of conflict between gardeners, neighbours, pedestrians, cyclists and other users.

  • The Policy will ensure residents can maximise benefits of gardening on the verge, whilst maintaining safety and access for the community.

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What happens next?

The feedback received will be considered for incorporation into the final Verge Garden Policy and Guidelines which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the Plan will be considered by Council.