The elected Council adopts Tree DCP

At its meeting on 11 February 2020, Council considered an engagement report and resolved to adopt version three of the draft DCP, as on public exhibition with the following changes:

a. That there be no height limit on 'Weeds species' which can be replaced; and

b. That Kaffir Plum, Bunya Bunya Pine, Norfolk Island Pine and Hoop Pine be included.

In addition Council also resolved to:

Review the policy after 12 months of implementation and the review be reported to Council;

Prepare guidelines and a process to ensure that tree replacement requirements are explained to the community, is monitored by Council and validated by Council;

When mandatory provisions for replacement of a tree based on distance from a dwelling house or garage have been met, officers may not refuse the issuing of a permit; and

The application assessment criteria for complying development be re-instated as per tree DCP version 1 to be consistent with the relevant SEPP (State Environment Planning Policy).

For more information read the Council report and view the meeting minutes.

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Consultation has concluded

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