1. What is a ‘protected’ tree (see page 2 draft DCP)?

A tree with a height equal to or greater than 5 metres above ground level or;

A tree that has trunk diameter of more than 300mm at ground level or;

Any tree with a canopy spread equal to or greater than 3 metres.

2. When can I remove a tree on my property without Council permission?’

If the tree isn’t a ‘protected tree as outlined in question one.

The tree is a species listed as exempt (see page 3 of draft DCP)

If the tree is within 500mm of a house (see page 4 of draft DCP)

3. When can I prune a tree on my property?

If the tree isn’t a ‘protected tree’ as outlined in question one.

When the branches are within 2 metres of your roof (see page 4 of the draft DCP)

Pruning of branches up to 2.5 metres from ground level (see page 4 of the draft DCP)

4. What are we doing to increase the tree canopy?

Council has established canopy targets for the Inner West LGA based on the zoning of the land (see page 1 of draft DCP)

Any tree that is approved for removal is required to be replaced (see page 9 of Draft DCP)

Minimum tree planting requirements based on land area (see page 10 of Draft DCP)

5. How is the risk from trees going to be managed?

Tree risk management is about managing risk to an acceptable threshold.

The new DCP has a requirement that tree risk is to be assessed by a consulting arborist qualified in risk assessment (see page 11 of Draft DCP)

A new process will be implemented to allow the removal of trees that are dead, dying or pose an imminent risk to human life or property. These trees will now be able to be removed without a formal application to Council (see page 7 of Draft DCP)