What is a Plan of Management (PoM)?

    A Plan of Management is a strategic document providing a planning and management framework for the future use, development and maintenance of multiple or individual areas of community land in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993. Plans of Management are a requirement for all community land owned by council, as well as community used Crown Land for which Council is appointed the Reserve Trust Manager. Both situations occur for some of the open space and parks along the Cooks River. The Plan of Management provides the opportunity to engage with the community and crate a vision and values that are consistent with the needs of the current population and establish how the park can be used in the future.

    What is a Master Plan (MP)?

    A master plan is an illustrative representation of a sites spatial layout. It highlights long-term planning aspirations. It establishes best practice outcomes and a clear vision. It synthesizes community goals and the public’s desires for the project, giving form and organization, and defines a realistic plan for implementation.