Project updates

Project details

Council is partnering with Telstra to demolish the front part of the exchange building in Balmain and create new landscaped public space. This will improve the view to the heritage post office building from the north-east. You are invited to view the design and tell us what you think.


The original telephone exchange on this site was opened in 1914. The front section of the current building was built by the Commonwealth in about 1957. It was built hard up against the heritage post office building, damaging some decorative features and requiring removal of a balcony. It blocks views of the heritage post office building from areas around the Darling, Rowntree and Montague Streets intersection.

The 2004 Masterplan for Darling Street Balmain envisaged the front section of the Exchange building being demolished and replaced with public space. With the encouragement and assistance of the Balmain Association and residents, Council has pursued an agreement with Telstra to realise the vision.

Have your say

View the draft design and let us know your thoughts. Do you support the design or would you like to suggest improvements? You can provide feedback by completing the online form. Find out more from Council staff and the landscape architect at an on-site drop-in session (corner Darling and Montague Streets Balmain).

  • Wednesday 1 March 2017 10am-12pm
  • Saturday 4 March 2017 10am-12pm

Next Steps

A summary of all feedback will be posted on this page in late March, and feedback will be used to inform an amended design. Everyone who provides contact details will be advised when the design is finalised and updates will be posted in the news section of this page.