What is a planning proposal?

    A planning proposal is a process to change the Local Environmental Plan for an area to allow new land uses to occur.

    What is land zoning?

    Across Australia, all land is categorised into zones which tell you what that land can be used for. State governments establish the laws and local councils decide what zoning is appropriate for land in their area.

    How is land zoned in the Inner West Council Local Government Area?
    Land can be zoned as residential, business, industrial, special purpose, recreation or waterway. Each of these has sub-categories with rules about what is permitted and what is prohibited within the respective zones. This information is contained in the Local Environmental Plan for each former Local Government Area. In this case -  the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011.

    What is the zoning for the land around Sydenham Station?

    The land is zoned as IN1 – General Industrial. That zoning is primarily for industrial and warehouse uses but allows other uses such as entertainment facilities which includes live music venues, neighbourhood shops and takeaway food and drink premises. The zoning aims to provide for a wide range of industrial and warehouse land uses encourage employment and minimise the adverse effects of industry on other land uses. See zoning map

    What is the Gateway process

    The Gateway process is the name for the preliminary step through which a council or landowner can find out whether a planning proposal to rezone land or make changes to an LEP has ‘strategic merit’. A Gateway determination means in-principle support from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment so that the council or landowner can prepare their application for rezoning/make changes. The purpose of the Gateway process is to discover whether a planning proposal has enough merit to proceed to the next stage which includes further studies and community consultation.

    What happens after the Gateway determination?

    If a proposal has ‘strategic merit’ a positive Gateway determination is made which may include a condition that further studies are undertaken. Examples include studies about soil contamination, or environmental impact. The planning proposal and studies are then publicly exhibited for community consultation.

    Following consultation, the Department, and finally Greater Sydney Commission, decide whether to approve the proposal. The decision could be to approve the changes, approve with amendment, or reject the changes. If the changes are approved, the Local Environmental Plan is amended, and the changes become law.