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Engagement is the process by which the community and other stakeholders participate in and influence Council's decision making. Council engages the community to develop plans and strategies, to guide decisions about service delivery and provide input into a range of projects.

The Inner West community takes engagement very seriously - in the latest annual Community Satisfaction Survey, the community's ability to influence Council's decision making was the second highest driver of overall satisfaction.


Council's Engagement team are currently reviewing the adopted Community Engagement Framework and looking at ways to improve our practice.

As part of this review we are keen to hear from staff about how well you understand engagement, how well you are supported, and ways we can improve.

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The staff survey closed Thursday 12 September 2019.

Next steps

We'll report back on the survey results in an Engagement Outcomes Report posted on the Newsroom. We'll use the information collected along with input from the community and other research to update the existing Community Engagement Framework. The updated Framework will go to Council for adoption later in the year.