Project details

Council is proposing to improve the footpath in Sarah Street, Enmore from Edgeware Road to Simmons Street. In August, nearby residents were invited to comment on two options for achieving this:

  • improving the footpath and maintaining existing pedestrian access, or
  • greening the street and contributing to better water management.

Council received 19 responses from members of the community. A number of residents support the option to green the street while others have concerns about passengers exiting parked cars onto a garden and the impacts of plants on adjacent houses. Council has considered all the feedback received and developed an amended plan which will improve the streetscape while addressing these concerns.

The amended plan

The amended plan will improve the footpath, green the street and contribute to better water management.

The proposed works include:

  • Improving the northern side of the footpath by replacing the existing asphalt bitumen and creating landscaped verge gardens near the Marion Lane, Marion Street and Simmons Street intersections.
  • Replacing asphalt and damaged sections of concrete with new concrete and porous footpath on the southern side of the street.
  • Repairing/connecting any damaged existing private stormwater lines leading from your property (between the front boundary and gutter) within the area of work
  • Installing ‘No Stopping’ signs in Marion Street to reinforce the statutory rule of no stopping within 10 metres of an intersection and to accommodate two kerb ramps for accessibility.

See the amended plan

Have your say

Your feedback is important and will help Council make an informed decision about improvements in your area. The last day to provide feedback is Friday 7 October 2016.

What happens next?

Council has not yet made any commitment to change the traffic arrangements in your street. A report, together with the community’s comments and this proposal, will be considered by Council’s Local Traffic Committee at a meeting on 3 November 2016. The Committee will make recommendations for Council to consider at its 22 November 2016 meeting. Council will notify everyone who provided comments of the final decision.

When will the work happen?

The improvements to Sarah Street will be constructed this financial year, subject to final funding allocations. Residents will receive a notification of works before construction begins.