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Alcohol-Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas are required by the NSW Police to help manage irresponsible alcohol consumption and public safety. The Ashfield Local Area Command has identified several locations to be established as Alcohol-Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas within the former Ashfield LGA.

Alcohol restrictions aim to prevent anti-social behaviour by prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in public spaces.

  • Alcohol-Free Zones - apply to streets.
  • Alcohol Prohibited Areas - apply to parks and other public spaces.
People found drinking in an Alcohol-Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area can have their alcohol confiscated by police. Fines can be enforced by police for non-compliance or obstruction.

Proposed locations

Alcohol-Free Zones - 4 years duration, 24 hours, 7 days per week:

  • Chessell Lane, Ashfield
  • Fox’s Lane, Ashfield
  • Hercules Street, Ashfield
  • Summer Hill Car Park
  • Summer Hill Fountain
  • The Esplanade, Ashfield
  • Directly outside the Exodus Foundation on Liverpool Road, Ashfield
  • Directly outside the Catholic Club on Station Street, Ashfield (including from the intersection of Elizabeth and Charlotte Streets)

Alcohol Prohibited Areas - 4 years duration:

  • Bill Peters Reserve - 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Darrell Jackson Park - 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Allman Park - 6pm to 6am
  • Ashfield Park - 6pm to 6am
  • Centenary Park - 6pm to 6am
  • Hammond Park - 6pm to 6am
  • Pratten Park - 6pm to 6am
  • Yeo Park - 6pm to 6am

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You are invited to give us feedback on this proposal using the form below. Read the community consultation paper for more information. The last day to give feedback is Friday 23 September 2016.

What happens next?

All feedback will be collated and considered by the Interim General Manager before the restrictions are finalised.