In NSW councils operate within the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IP&R). The frameworks ensures that the community's vision, priorities and aspirations are captured in the Community Strategic Plan (CSP). In June 2018 the Council endorsed Our Inner West 2036 the first Community Strategic Plan for the Inner West.

The picture below shows how the implementation of the CSP is supported by a suite of integrated plans that include actions to support the strategies identified in the CSP.

Delivery program is a four year plan that sets out the strategies from the CSP that will be priorities for the current council term.

Operational plan is an annual plan containing detailed actions from the Delivery program, including budget and fees. Each year Council must seek community's feedback on the Operational plan before it is adopted and implemented. For more information visit Council's corporate planning.

To comply with the IP&R Framework Council must each year prepare a suite of corporate plans and seek community feedback, before the documents are adopted by the elected representatives.