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Between October 2017 and March 2018 Council engaged with the community and recreation service providers about their recreation needs. The feedback was used to develop a draft Recreation Needs Study - A Healthier Inner West that includes a strategic framework that will guide Council’s recreation planning for the next ten years.

What is happening now?

The Recreation Needs Study - A Healthier Inner West is a research project undertaken into recreation needs, facilities, and services in the Inner West. The study provides Council with an evidence base and strategic framework for effective recreation, open space, infrastructure, and financial planning for the next ten years. The six themes proposed in the study will inform the development of the Inner West Recreation Policy and Strategy. The themes can be found on page 72 under the heading ‘Recreation Needs and Gap Analysis’ and include:

Theme 1 – Existing gaps in open space and recreation

Theme 2 – Future demand for open space and recreation

Theme 3 – Capacity for sports and recreation

Theme 4 – Inclusion and sharing

Theme 5 – Connections with nature

Theme 6 – Streets and laneways for walking, cycling and play

Have your say

Your feedback is important and will help to ensure the proposed strategic framework meets the needs now and into the future. Council has released the study for public exhibition and now is seeking the community’s feedback on the strategic framework outlined in the study. Please complete the survey below to let Council know your thoughts.

What happens next?

Following the engagement period, the feedback will inform appropriate amendments to the study before the final Recreation Needs Study - A Healthier Inner West will be considered for Council’s endorsement.

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