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Council has funded a study to identify streets which may experience increased traffic from WestConnex. The study is part of Council's ongoing effort to protect residents from the impacts of the project. Find out more about what Council is doing on WestConnex

About the study

The study determined the potential changes to traffic on local streets by considering the following scenarios:

  • Without WestConnex - the likely traffic on the current road network in 2021;
  • Opening of Stage 1 (M4 East) and Stage 2 (New M5) of WestConnex - the likely traffic impacts on local streets in 2021; and
  • If Stage 3 (M4-M5 Link) is built - the expected traffic impact in 2031.

See maps of the streets that have been identified for potential traffic increases in: Leichhardt/ Annandale; Haberfield; and St Peters.

Have your say

Council is inviting the community to comment on what they think the impacts of WestConnex will be to the streets identified in the study. You can provide feedback by adding a marker in the highlighted areas on these maps:

  • Leichhardt/ Annandale
  • Haberfield
  • St Peters

The last day to provide feedback is Sunday 19 November 2017

Find more more

  • Read the FAQS
  • Attend an information session - see details below. This is a drop-in session - there's no formal presentation - so come any time between 5pm and 7pm.
Thursday 9 November, 5.00- 7.00pm
Jimmy Little Community Centre
19 Cecily St, Lilyfield NSW 2040

What happens next?

Your feedback will be used to finalise the study and report which Council will consider for adoption. The report will inform the development of a Local Area Improvement Strategy and cost estimates which Council will use to seek funding and design changes from WestConnex.