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At its meeting on 23 May 2017 Council resolved to place a new Draft Code of Meeting Practice on public exhibition and seek submissions from members of the public on the proposed changes.


The Local Government Act requires Council to adopt a Code of Meeting Practice for conduct of its meetings. Council amalgamations proclamation May 2016 designated the former Leichhardt Council Code of Meeting Practice(2009) to be the practice for the Inner West Council. Council staff have undertaken a review of the Code of Meeting Practice and prepared a new draft including best practice and improved measures for openness and transparency of decision making.

The purpose of the Draft Code of Meeting Practice is for the effective conduct of meetings which in turn provides good governance.

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As well as seeking general submissions on the draft, Council is specifically seeking preferences on the options proposed for the operation of the 'Public Forum'. The purpose of the 'Public Forum' at a Council meeting is to raise questions with the Council and present ideas.

Option 1
This option involves one hour being allocated at the beginning of the Council Meeting to hear from registered speakers on items listed on the Council Agenda. This option will ensure Council Meetings have a balance of public participation and sufficient time to allow the Council to focus on policy and strategic decisions.

Option 2
This option is to continue with the current practice of members of the public speaking to each agenda item as it is raised during the Meeting and the Council discussing and making a decision before moving to the registered speakers for the next agenda item.

Read more about the options in the draft amendment document

Read the full draft of the New Code of Meeting Practice