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In 2016, the former State Government endorsed Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS) as a 30-year plan to renew the Parramatta Road Corridor including Leichhardt, Taverners Hill and Kings Bay/Croydon precincts in the Inner West. Council is undertaking public consultation because we want the voice of our community to be heard.

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed changes to planning controls for specific areas in the Parramatta Road Corridor, located in:

  • Leichhardt precinct – parts of Annandale, Leichhardt, Stanmore, Petersham
  • Taverners Hill precinct – parts of Leichhardt, Lewisham, Summer Hill
  • Kings Bay/Croydon precinct – parts of Croydon

Why we're doing this

PRCUTS was given statutory force via Section 9.1 Ministerial Direction in December 2016. It sets out the vision and principles to renew Parramatta Road Corridor between Camperdown and Granville and accommodate 27,000 new homes and 50,000 jobs across the Corridor.

Delivery of this strategy is the responsibility of local councils through amendments to planning controls.

In 2020, Council endorsed the Inner West Local Housing Strategy (LHS) which identifies areas along Parramatta Road Corridor for short to medium term housing supply.

What we're doing

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed planning controls in the Inner West Local Environmental Plan (IWLEP) 2022 and supporting Development Control Plans (DCPs) for specific areas in the Parramatta Road Corridor to start the incremental implementation of PRCUTS.

The implementation area is based on PRCUTS Implementation Update 2021. This is to focus growth adjacent to key local economic centres and where there is existing or committed transport infrastructure (light rail, railway, bus network, future Metro).

The staging of implementation of PRCUTS will

  • address the Department of Planning and Environment's (DPE) required shortfall of up to 1600 dwellings in the Inner West;
  • ensure that development occurs in line with infrastructure delivery.

This proposal will facilitate up to 1600 new dwellings and 2000 new jobs. It puts forward a range of amendments to LEP/DCP planning controls to incentivise delivery of much-needed housing and jobs whilst also protecting and enhancing the historic heritage of the Parramatta Road Corridor.

The proposed amendments have been informed by PRCUTS supporting studies and a range of technical studies such as urban design, heritage, economic assessment, affordability, sustainability, traffic/transport study etc.

This Planning Proposal has been prepared to facilitate additional housing in the Parramatta Road Corridor following the State Government's PRCUTS directive.

On 10 May 2022, Council submitted the Planning Proposal and the associated draft DCP amendments to the Minister for Planning for a Gateway Determination.

On 20 October 2022 DPE issued a Gateway Determination to proceed to public exhibition. The Gateway conditions required additional work to be completed and changes to be made to the Planning Proposal prior to public exhibition.

On 10 October 2023, Council decided to place the Planning Proposal on consultation so that the community can have their say.

On 30 October 2023, DPE issued an alteration to the Gateway Determination to extend the timeline for reporting of the Planning Proposal to Council in March 2024.

  • Amend land use zones for specific locations in Leichhardt, Taverners Hill and Kings Bay/Croydon precincts to facilitate new dwellings and jobs
  • Introduce new heritage items and heritage conservation areas
  • Introduce new incentive/bonus Floor Space Ratio (FSR) and Height of Building (HOB) controls
  • Introduce an additional local provision that requires developments to satisfy the below criteria to access the incentive/bonus FSRs and HOBs:
    • achieve an appropriate development pattern and high-quality built form
    • provide active street frontages
    • achieve higher sustainability targets (energy and water)
    • incorporate mechanisms to reduce urban heat, tree canopy requirements and cooling measures such as green walls/roofs etc.
    • support sustainable transport modes, minimise traffic congestion and reduce private car dependency
    • provide affordable housing contributions (up to 2%) in Leichhardt precinct
    • make satisfactory regional infrastructure contributions to support delivery of schools, hospitals, regional open space and transport

Refer to the Planning Proposal and draft LEP maps package in the document library for more information.

Existing land use zoning objectives, permissible and prohibited development uses can be seen in the Inner West LEP 2022 Land Use Table.

Council has been given delegation to exhibit the Planning Proposal as the Planning Proposal Authority but does not have the authority to make the LEP. Final decision on this Planning Proposal i.e. to amend the LEP or not will be made by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces (or delegate).

Draft amendments to Council’s existing Development Control Plans (DCPs) have been prepared to support the proposed LEP controls including:

1. Leichhardt DCP 2013

  • Leichhardt Precinct – north of Parramatta Road
  • Taverners Hill Precinct – northern area (Beeson St/ Tebutt Street, Hathern Street)

2. Marrickville DCP 2011

  • Leichhardt Precinct – south of Parramatta Road
  • Taverners Hill Precinct – southern area (Old Canterbury Street, Lewisham)

3. Inner West Comprehensive Ashfield DCP 2016

  • Kings Bay/Croydon Precinct – south of Parramatta Road (Croydon)

These precinct-wide draft DCP provisions would only apply to future developments seeking to utilise incentive FSR and HOB controls. These cover aspects such as:

  • Precinct connectivity and accessibility
  • Streetscape
  • Development infrastructure
  • Sustainability and resilience
  • Active frontages
  • Heritage
  • Access and parking
  • Lot amalgamation
  • Built form
  • Landscaping
  • Vehicle and service access
  • Open space and through-site links

Gateway Determination issued by DPE allowed the Planning Proposal to proceed to community consultation subject to conditions.

The Proposal has been revised to address the following:

  • Flood Impact Risk Assessment to mitigate flood impact
  • Urban Design Study updates to Incentive FSRs and HOBs
  • Sustainability Study updates to sustainability targets
  • Update on implementation of Parramatta Road Corridor Traffic and Transport Study

Refer to the Summary of Post Gateway Changes document for more information.

All Precincts


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Kings Bay/Croydon

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View the Proposal Summary

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Precinct-specific in-person engagement sessions will be conducted during the exhibition period.

  • Attend Community meetings. Meetings will include a presentation from Council staff as well as the opportunity to ask questions. Register to attend a community meeting via the link below.
  • Come along to the weekend Drop-in sessions where you will have an opportunity to ask questions to the Strategic Planning team. You can attend at any time during the two-hours.

View hard copies of the Planning Proposal, DCPs and supporting documents at Council's service centres and libraries. Refer to the FAQs for more information.

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  • Sending a letter addressed to: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049

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