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Council has developed a draft Local Area Traffic Management Plan to address key concerns about traffic, pedestrian and cycling in north Dulwich Hill. The boundary of this area is Old Canterbury Road, New Canterbury Road and Eltham Street.

How was the draft plan prepared?

The plan has been developed using information from:

  • A survey in July and August 2014 which 159 residents responded to
  • An online forum from March to May 2015 about traffic and parking in Dulwich Hill which 38 community members participated in
  • A community meeting with Denison Road residents on 26 November 2015
  • A review of traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, heavy vehicle use and crash statistics in the local area.

What’s in the draft plan?

The plan includes options of traffic management treatments and changes in the following streets:

Abergeldie Street
Dixson Avenue
Lewisham Street
Arlington Street
Dulwich Street
Union Street
Constitution Road
Elizabeth Street
William Street
Davis Street
Gelding Street
Windsor Road
Denison Road
Hampstead Road

Parking changes

Some removal of parking is proposed where traffic management treatments would be built:

  • Denison Road - four parking spaces
  • Gelding Street - five parking spaces
  • Hampstead Road - five parking spaces
  • Windsor Road - three parking spaces

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You are invited to provide feedback on the draft plan by completing the form below. The last day to provide feedback is Wednesday 14 June 2017.

What happens next?

Council will consider all feedback when deciding whether to adopt the draft plan without changes, with changes or not to adopt it. The treatments are expected to be built within two to five years, subject to the feedback received through this engagement, prioritisation of options and budget allocation.