Project updates

Project details

Council is planning improvements for pedestrian safety by providing new traffic signals and crossing points at the intersection of Victoria Road and Chapel Street. The proposed changes are recommendations in the Henson Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM) which was endorsed by Council in April 2017.

The proposals are based on input during community engagement from 15 November to 14 December 2016 via this site, a mail-out to residents and newspaper advertisement.

View the Henson LATM project page here

The proposed work includes:

  • new traffic signals at the intersection and removing the mid-block traffic signals on Victoria Road,
  • four new pram ramps at the intersection and repairing the concrete footpath,
  • relocating the existing bus zone on the northern side of Victoria Road by 8m west,
  • relocating drainage infrastructure
  • removing one street tree at the intersection and providing five new street trees,
  • repairing the roadway as required,
  • new signage and line marking (subject to final approval by Roads & Maritime Services).

Parking changes

This proposal would result in the net loss of five parking spaces near the works to allow for the new traffic lights.

  • Five legal on-street parking spaces loss in Chapel Street, south of Victoria Road.
  • One legal on-street parking space loss on the western side of Chapel Street, north of Victoria Road.
  • Two legal on-street parking space loss on the northern side of Victoria Road, east of Chapel Street.
  • Three legal on-street parking spaces gained on the southern side Victoria Road, east of Chapel Street.

Street trees

As part of the new traffic signals at the intersection, Council has investigated various options to retain the existing tree on the eastern corner of Victoria Road and Chapel Street. Unfortunately in order to improve safety and address a significant number of accidents at the intersection, the tree must be removed to provide for the new traffic signals. Council has identified locations for additional trees to be planted nearby.

Traffic signal changes

The new traffic signals will allow for all turning movements of vehicles. However the following turning movements will not be permitted as a requirement of Roads & Maritime Services to ensure traffic runs as efficiently and safely as possible at the new signals:

  • Vehicles over 6m in length will not be permitted to turn left into Chapel Street from Victoria Road travelling in the north-east direction
  • Vehicles over 9m in length will not be permitted to turn left into Chapel Street from Victoria Road travelling in the south-west direction, or to turn left into Victoria Road from Chapel Street travelling in either direction.

Have your say

Online: using the form below

By mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham NSW 2049 (please use reference 15/14909)

In person: submit your written comments to the Customer Service team at the Petersham Service Centre, or any of the other service centres listed on the bottom of this page use ref 15/14909.

Closing date for comment is Wednesday 20 February 2019.

What happens next?

A report, together with the community’s comments and this proposal, will be considered by Council’s Local Traffic Committee (LTC) at its meeting on 4 March 2019. The Committee will make recommendations for Council to consider at the March 2019 Council meeting.

The LTC meeting agenda will be available to view on Council’s website in the week before the meeting at Members of the public may register to speak at this meeting. If you wish to do so, please contact Council’s Administration Assistant – Infrastructure Services on (02) 9335 2213 to advise of your attendance. Council will notify everyone who provided comments of Councils final decision.

When is the work planned?

These works are expected to be built in the 2018/19 financial year subject to outcome of this community engagement, final approvals and budget allocation. Residents will be further notified before any work starts.