Community feedback dates

Monday 21 November - Thursday 22 December 2022

How can we manage changing traffic conditions in the Morton Park Precinct?

Share your insights on local traffic conditions to maintain and improve safety for all.

Council is preparing a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Plan, which will recommend measures to manage traffic and improve road safety over the next 10 years. The Morton Park Precinct study area is bounded by New Canterbury Road, Livingstone Street and Frazer Street.

Local knowledge of walking, riding bikes and driving in the neighbourhood is invaluable to this work. We would like to hear from schools, residents, business owners, visitors, and workers in the Morton Park Precinct. People living with a disability are encouraged to participate.

What happens next?

  • Report for Local Traffic Management Committee

    Completed - Your insights and other information including technical specification will inform the draft LATM Plan for this Precinct.

  • Public exhibition of the draft LATM Plan

    We are here now - A draft Local Area Traffic Management Plan open for comment.