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Army Land Floods

by AlisonC,

We probably should have twigged when the previous owners commented that the pool in the backyard sat firmly on a sandstone bed, which could possibly have been a creek bed in years gone by. It still operates as a creek bed. Whenever there is heavy rain, especially if the tide is high enough to partially fill the stormwater pipes in the Army Land, water rushes down Deakin Avenue in a raging river and deposits the flood in the backyards of 43 an 45 O'Connor Street. This happens two to three times a year currently, and each time we, the occupants of number 43, have to very thoroughly clean the stormwater out of our pool, which costs us between one and two thousand dollars each time and has only ever been covered by insurance in the ANZAC Day 2015 flood, due to the sewers overflowing. Looking back through my photos (and I only record the big ones), we've been flooded most recently in January 2016, April 2015, October 2014, June 2013 and March 2012. There have been many other unrecorded instances in which less major flooding occurs and we just lose the front flower bed and have the doormat washed away.

Our pool is under there somewhere, this is the ANZAC Day flood of 2015.

After major flood like this one, we get a couple of new cracks in the walls, it can't be good for the stability of the house. We're gently sinking into the swamp!

I'd love to be able to listen to the rain without having to worry about enriching the local pool shop, or having the footings of the house wash away.

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