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Council adopted flood studies for the Johnstons Creek and Alexandra Canal catchments in June 2017. The study determined flood behaviour and identified properties that would be affected in a major storm event.

At the same time, a review of the Hawthorne Canal Flood Study (adopted 2015) was undertaken which also identified flood affected properties.

What’s happening now?

Council is proposing to amend Part 2.22 – Flood Management of the MDCP 2011 to update the Flood Planning Area Map and the Flood Liable Land Map. The amendment will incorporate additional flood affected properties that were identified in the studies and review. This is to ensure any future developments on flood affected land meet standards to manage the risk of flooding to people and property.

Find out more

  • See the Flood Planning Area Map to see the extent of flooding in a 100 year flood event
  • View the Flood Liable Land Map to see the properties affected by flooding
  • Read the FAQS

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You can provide feedback on the proposed amendment to the MDCP 2011 by completing the form below. The last day to provide feedback is 21 November 2017.

What happens next?

All feedback received through the public exhibition will be included in a report and considered by Council when deciding whether to adopt the amendment. If adopted, a notice of adoption will be published in the local newspaper and the amended MDCP 2011 will come into effect on the date that the public notice is given or on a later date specified in the notice.

Everyone who makes a submission will be notified of Council’s decision.