Project updates

Project details

Council must account and plan for all of the existing assets under its ownership and any new assets proposed in the Community Strategic Plan - Our Inner West 2036 and Delivery program and associated Resourcing Strategy. Council's assets include parks, stormwater pipes, roads and buildings.

About the policy

The Asset Management Policy details the principles by which Inner West Council intends to manage its assets. It outlines systems and processes for determining the most effective and efficient options for delivering infrastructure services while minimising risk and loss. The policy is based on a set of objectives outlined below.

Asset management will be:

  • Sustainable through long term planning considering environmental, social, economic and governance implications in all asset management planning decisions
  • Integrated with strategic planning and management within Council for the community and organisation
  • Informed by periodic condition and need assessments undertaken for all assets, to ensure decisions are evidence based
  • Continuously improved by ensuring that knowledge, processes and systems are progressively enhanced and contemporary; and evaluated against industry maturity benchmarks
  • Engaging with the community being consulted on the levels of service to be provided by all asset classes
  • Systematic with asset management plans prepared, and implemented
  • Comprehensive with whole of life costs being considered in asset management decisions
  • Safe with risks assessed and managed for all assets
  • Documented in plain English
  • Accountable through performance measurement and reporting in the Annual Report

Have your say

You are invited to provide feedback on the draft Asset Management Policy.

  • Online using the submission form below
  • By mail addressed to Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham, 2049. Please mark your submission 18/6386 draft Asset Management Policy Public Exhibition
  • In person at Council’s customer Service Centres: Ashfield 260 Liverpool Rd, Leichhardt 7-15 Wetherill Street, Petersham 2-14 Fisher Street

Last day to provide feedback is Monday, 8 August 2018.

What happens next?

Your feedback will be considered as part of the process of finalising the policy which will then be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the policy will be considered by Council. Subsequently, any changes that impact on any Asset Management Plans will be considered in the 2019/20 reviews of those plans.