What is the time commitment for the advisory committees and working groups?

    Meetings will be held three to five times per year for a term of two years.  Meetings will be held in the evenings and the duration will be about 2 hours.  

    Where and when will they commence?

    Most will start the evening of Thursday 29 November 2018 at Ashfield Service Centre - dates for all groups to be confirmed.

    What are advisory committees and working groups and what's the difference?

    Both advisory committees and working groups are valued parts of Council's local democracy. They comprise interested or expert citizens who meet regularly to deliberate on information and provide ongoing advice to Council. The groups contribute to strategies, policies, programs and actions that help to achieve the aspirations of the community as outlined in Our Inner West 2036 Community Strategic Plan(External link) and Council’s Delivery Program.

    Working groups are less formal and more action-oriented, for instance they may assist to deliver activities and events while advisory committees provide strategic advice to Council's long-term planning. 

    What do you mean by advisory?

    Committees and working groups provide advice or recommendations to Council and do not have any decision-making powers. The elected Council comprising 15 Councillors is the decision-making body of Inner West Council. 

    How will advisory committees and working groups report to the elected Council?

    The elected Council will consider a report on Local Democracy including recommendations from advisory committees at the fourth Tuesday Council meeting of March, May, July, September and November. Council may by resolution request advice from committees, working groups or the business forum. 

    Can people be members of more than one advisory group?

    Yes, people can be members of more than one advisory group.

    Who will chair the advisory groups?

    Community members will chair the advisory groups. Training will be provided. 

    What is the term of the advisory groups?

    Advisory groups will be recruited in September/October 2018 and function for the remainder of the elected Council term i.e. September 2020. The groups will be reviewed at mid-term and end-of-term.