About the revised concept plan

    Will any on-street parking be lost?

    On-street parking spaces outside residential properties will be maintained. The only on-street parking loss would be along the Rozelle rail yards where there are no residential properties. The number of spaces that would be removed here - on the southern side of Lilyfield Road between Justin Street and Gordon Street - is approximately 110 to120. 

    Why are two sections of the road proposed to change to one way?

    Lilyfield Road is too narrow to build a separated cycleway without removing on-street parking in these locations:

    • Gordon Street to Victoria Road, and
    • Norton Street to Balmain Road.

    Changing these sections to one way traffic provides enough space on the road to keep on-street parking while providing a continuous, safe, and direct route for people riding bicycles. 

    Why is the one way direction eastbound?

    Norton Street to Balmain Road
    The eastbound direction ensures the 445 and 470 bus route can continue to travel along Lilyfield Road between Norton Street and Balmain Road.

    Gordon Street to Victoria Road
    Changing this section to one way, eastbound traffic will increase safety by stopping cars turning left from Victoria Road into Lilyfi eld Road. This would make it easier for pedestrians to cross Lilyfield Road while reducing the risk of accidents between buses and cars near the intersection with Victoria Road.

    How will this affect traffic flow in nearby streets?

    Traffic modelling of the area shows that there would be a small increase in traffi c on Balmain Road and City West Link and a small decrease on Norton Street. The biggest increase on residential sections of Balmain Road would be an average of 10 additional cars every 10 minutes during the afternoon/ evening peak hour. 

    Will this increase my drive time?

    The traffic modelling has shown there will be approximately two minutes additional drive time for residents who travel westbound along Lilyfield Road between Balmain Road and Norton Street or between Victoria Road and Gordon Street. 

About the project

    Why is Council improving bicycle routes?

    The former Leichhardt Council community identified the need for a safer, more accessible cycling network as a top priority at a forum in 2013. In the same year, the community also identified the need for alternative ways of travelling around the local area through an online survey. In 2016, Leichhardt Council updated its Bike Plan to reflect the priorities of the community and introducing a separated cycleway on Lilyfield Road is part of this plan.

    Why has a bike route on Lilyfield Road been chosen?

    The route is identified as an important link in Council’s Bike Plan and the City of Sydney’s Inner Sydney Regional Bike Plan (ISRBP) because it connects people to the Cooks River, Bay Run, Victoria Road, ANZAC Bridge and further away destinations including Newtown and Sydney CBD.

    While Lilyfield Road is convenient and well-connected, the ISRBP identified this route for an upgrade to improve connections for people riding bikes  between home, work, shopping and recreation areas. 

    How is this funded?

    This project is funded through the NSW Government’s Active Transport Program. The project helps meet Goal 8 of the NSW State Plan 2021 to increase the number of bicycle and walking trips in the Greater Sydney area. 

    What are the main themes from the community's feedback?

    The key themes from the feedback are:


    • Residents and businesses need to be able to park close to their properties
    • Residents need to access the front of their homes, especially those with special needs

    Ease of use

    • The cycleway must be a safe, quick and continuous ride
    • The cycleway needs to be suitable for all abilities and levels of confidence
    • The design needs to be functional at intersections and hills


    • Design must consider safety for all road users


    • Work needs to be done in consultation with WestConnex and other projects in the area

    What is a concept plan?

    A concept plan is a document prepared in the early stages of a project to develop and test an idea and, if supported, to guide detailed planning.  A concept plan can undergo many changes before being finalised.

    Is the concept plan a done-deal?

    No. The concept plan that will be placed on public exhibition is a draft only, and no decision has been yet made by Council.  A decision will be made only once all feedback has been considered and the concept plan finalised.

    What is a separated cycleway?

    It is a two way cycleway that is separated from the vehicle travel lanes, usually by a concrete median island.

    Why has a separated cycleway – rather than a different solution – been chosen for Lilyfield Road?

    State and local studies have established that separated bike paths encourage more people to make trips by bicycle because it greatly improves safety and amenity for cyclists.

    How will the project improve safety?

    The cycleway will be separated from the road by a median which will provide pedestrians, bike riders and motorists with dedicated travelling spaces. This will increase safety for everyone and make it easier for people of all abilities and ages to ride a bike. 

    I haven’t seen many people on bikes on this route – isn’t this a lot of work for only a few?

    The route is currently used by a significant number of bike riders, especially people commuting to and from work. However, the proposed improvements are not just for people already riding bikes – it’s also for those who are interested but concerned about safety.  A NSW Government survey found that 70 per cent of people in NSW would ride more often if it was safer – a statistic which is supported by some local facts.  The number of people on bikes has increased in places where safer routes have been provided, for example:

    • Carrington Road, Marrickville - 50% increase in the first year;
    • Bowden Street, Alexandria - 250% increase in five years, and
    • George Street, Redfern - 400% increase since a protected bike path was installed

    Does this route connect to other bicycle routes?

    Yes.  It connects people to the existing Rozelle and Balmain bike network; the Cooks River via the Greenway; Bay Run; Victoria Road regional shared bike path, ANZAC Bridge shared path and District links include the City of Sydney's bike network and potentially a reinstated Glebe Island Bridge with further away destinations including Newtown and Sydney University.

    What else is Council doing to make it better for people to ride bikes?

    Council is also developing plans for other bicycle routes.  As bike routes become more connected and continuous, riding a bicycle will continue to become safer, more convenient and more comfortable.  Council offers free monthly courses for people that would like to ride a bicycle more often but don’t have the confidence to ride on the road.  Please visit Council's website for more information.