'A library is a place that is a repository of information and gives every citizen equal access to it. That includes health information. And mental health information. It's a community space. It's a place of safety, a haven from the world'
Neil Gaiman

'I always knew from that moment, from the time I found myself at home in that little segregated library in the South, all the way up until I walked up the steps of the New York City library, I always felt, in any town, if I can get to a library, I'll be OK. It really helped me as a child, and that never left me'
Maya Angelou

'When in doubt go to the library'
J.K. Rowling

Whatever you think about libraries, we want to hear it - to help develop our new Inner West Council Library Strategy. The strategy will guide the library service over the next five years and make sure it meets the needs of users now and in the future.

There are eight libraries in the Inner West local government area -

  • Ashfield Library
  • Balmain Library
  • Leichhardt Library
  • Haberfield Library
  • St Peters / Sydenham Library
  • Stanmore Library
  • Marrickville Library
  • Emanuel Tsardoulias Community Library, Dulwich Hill

and an online library of ebooks, audiobooks and other resources. Read more about the current service here.

Have your say

We want to know what you do at the library now and what you want to do/borrow but can't,
are you happy with the service? are there enough books and other resources for you?
are the libraries open at convenient times? what does your ideal library of the future look and feel like?
...and if you don't come to the library, we want to know why and what we can do to welcome you in.

Fill in the Library Strategy survey to let us know
If you would like a paper copy sent to you, call Annie Coulthard on 02 9392 5328.

The survey has now closed


Please contact

Rachel Marreiros, Team Leader Balmain Library 9392 5937 rachel.marreiros@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

What happens next

Council will collate all the input gathered in the survey and publish an engagement outcomes report on this page. That information and other research will be used to develop a draft Library Strategy which will be put on public exhibition for public comment later this year. The draft will be finalised, taking into account comments received during the public exhibition process and reported to Council for adoption.


Thinking about the main library you selected, what are the top reasons you visit ? Choose up to five. Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, what hardware/equipment would you like available? Please choose up to four Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, what programs/software would you like to access on the computers there? Choose up to four Required
The IWC Library Service is thinking of lending other items apart from books, dvds and cds. Which items would you borrow? Choose up to four. Required
How do you keep updated with what is happening with the library service? Check all that apply. Required
How satisfied are you with the current library programs and events? Required
Thinking about themes for future program and events, what are you interested in learning more about? Choose up to ten. Required
You answered no. What would you prefer? Check all that apply. Required
Thinking about the library you selected, how satisfied are you with the following collections? (Please skip any you do not use). Required
Not at all satisfied
Slightly satisfied
Moderately satisfied
Very satisfied
Completely satisfied
Fiction books
Non-fiction books
Graphic Novels
Books in languages other than English
Audio books
Childrens books
Study guides
Reference collection
Did you know that Inner West Libraries offer the following services? Check yes or no Required
Author talks
Baby and rhyme time sessions for babies and toddlers
Book clubs and book club collections
DVDs to borrow
Free access to computers
Free computer classes
Free craft classes and groups
Free English Conversation classes
Free magazines on-line
Free movie streaming
Free wifi
Free home library services
Magazines to borrow
Programs and activities
Warm/cool places to study and sit
School holiday activities
JP service
How much do you agree with the following statements? Required
Don't agree at all
Slightly agree
Moderately agree
Very much agree
Completely agree
Council should deliver more programs on the weekends and the evenings
Council should charge for its events and programs to offset cost and improve quality
It would be great if some programs had a local/community focus
The programs should be run by local community members
There should be basic catering provided at all programs or events
The library should be a leader in community education
Education programs should be more in-depth/run for longer
Thinking about the main library you selected, how satisfied are you with its look and environment ? Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, how satisfied are you with the customer service? Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, are you satisfied with the current opening hours? Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, how satisfied are you with the wi-fi provided? Required
Thinking about the main library you selected, do you use the printing/photocopying/scanning facilities? Required
What prevents you from becoming a library user? Required
Do you or does anyone in your household use one of the 8 inner west public libraries? Required
Do you think Inner West Council should provide a musical instrument lending library? Required
Council is considering the idea that each library has a different themed collection focus in addition to its core collection, for example one library focuses on literary fiction, one focuses on sustainability etc. How much do you agree with the idea? Required
How satisfied are you with communications you receive about the IWC Library Service? Required
Thinking about travelling to a library for an event or program you would like to attend, how willing/able are you to travel to a library which is not the main library you selected? Required
Are you Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander? Required
Do you identify as having a disability? Required
Currently all IWC photocopy/print services are cash only. Would you still use the service if is became credit card only? Required
Would you pay for scanning services? Required
Questions about the main library you visit
Questions about general library services
Questions about the library service communications
Questions about library programs and events
Closing question
About you

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.