Council approves plan to improve safety

about 2 years ago

Council considered a report, including the community's feedback, at a meeting on 28 March 2017 and adopted the Local Traffic Committee's recommendations as outlined below.

THAT under the approved condition of Development Consent for the Former Allied (Flour) Mills Site 2-32 Smith Street, Summer Hill, the following traffic facilities be supported:

1. The construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Smith Street/Edward Street/Chapman Street, Summer Hill, in accordance with the attached amended plan C13.G, further to condition:

a) That lighting of the roundabout is provided to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1158- “lighting for roads and public spaces”.

b) That 3 resident parking spaces be allocated to the eastern side of Edward Street, south of Smith Street.

2. The construction of the median island in Smith Street at Nos.17-21 Smith Street, Summer Hill at the intersection of the new private internal road of the development, in accordance to the attached amended plan X1.C further to conditions:

a) that the median island be painted with white reflective paint and 10m of double white centreline (BB) marking with associated rrpms be provided to the approaches to the median; and

b) that Give-Way signs and (TB) marking and an ALL TRAFFIC LEFT sign be provided at the private road exit to Smith Street.

3. That alternative treatments, including possible landscaping on the south-west corner of Smith Street and Edward Street be investigated e.g. pedestrian fence or bollards and that RMS support be sought.

4. That the applicant be requested to construct continuous footpaths at all future private roads intersecting with public roads and constructed to RMS requirements.

Read the full report (go to page 11)