Project updates

Project details

Council is planning to redesign and upgrade Lennox Street Carpark to bring it up to current car park space, size and alignment standards. The works will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians and increase car park functionality.

The proposed redesign includes:

  • Rearranging car park spaces to comply with current standards
  • Relocating the existing three accessible parking spaces to comply with current standard
  • Providing three motor cycle parking spaces
  • Providing racks for six bicycles
  • Total loss of eleven car parking spaces (this includes the removal of all spaces on the King Street side of the current retaining wall but the creation of other spaces elsewhere in the car park)
  • Removing current retaining wall
  • Changing the entry/exit point on Church Street to be entry only (no changes will be made to the existing entry and exit points on Lennox Street)
  • Reconstructing the car park surface
  • Marking new car park space lines
  • Relocating pay stations
  • Planting new trees and providing landscaped tree pits
  • Improving carpark lighting
  • Removing the existing clothing bin
  • Working with 241-257 King Street business properties about sizes of garbage bins

Why are so many parking spaces lost in this proposal?

Council's minimum standard for short-term parking spaces is 2.7m wide, to address community concerns about difficulty loading and unloading children and goods into vehicles in narrow spaces.

The proposed layout is also more efficient, making it more convenient to enter and exit the car park.

Have your say

Your feedback is important and will help Council make an informed decision about pedestrian safety and traffic management in this car park.

Comments close on 2 November 2018.

What happens next?

All comments will be included in a report to the Local Traffic Committee on 4 December 2018 and the recommendations from the committee will be considered by Council at a meeting in February 2019. Everyone who provides feedback will be notified of the outcome of Council’s decision.


If the project is approved by Council, construction is expected to start in this financial year, subject to funding.