What is a planning proposal?

A planning proposal is a process to change the Local Environmental Plan for an area to allow new development to occurr

What is the Gateway process

The Gateway process is the name for the preliminary step through which a council or landowner can find out whether a proposal to rezone land has ‘strategic merit’. A Gateway determination means in-principle support from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment so that the council or landowner can prepare their application for rezoning. The purpose of the Gateway process is to discover whether a proposal has enough merit to proceed to the next stage which includes further studies and community consultation.

What is the 'Relevant Planning Authority' (RPA)

In this proposal  -  the RPA is Inner West Council 

What are the main differences between the current planning proposal and earlier versions?

The main differences between the current planning proposal and earlier versions are:

·  a reduction in the number of dwelling proposed - from aprox 3100 in the preliminary proposal to 1,300 in the earlier revised proposal and 1,100 in the current version

·  in the initial version, many dwellings were proposed in areas above the 30 ANEF contour, whist in the final versions, all dwellings are proposed to be located below the 30 ANEF contour

·  for the area around Wicks Park, previous versions proposed a R4 High Density Residential zone whilst the current version proposes B5 Business Development and B4 Mixed Use zones.

Who determines whether to 'make the Plan' - which means 'to change the Local Environmental Plan'?

Delegation to 'make the Plan' has not been issued to the Relevant Planning Authority (the Inner West Council). The Minister will determine whether to 'make the Plan'.

If the LEP is changed through the planning proposal process, what's the next stage in developing the area?

If the proposed LEP amendment becomes law,  landowners and/or any developers must go through a Development Application process (DA) to obtain approval for individual developments.

Is this public exhibition the last time the public can have their say about developing the area?

No, any future Development Application (DA) must be exhibited for public submission in the usual way.

What are the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) aircraft noise contours?

ANEF modelling gives a forecast of aircraft noise exposure for a future year. The results of ANEF modelling are drawn onto maps as noise exposure contours. ANEF maps show these contours displayed in 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 ANEF units, with higher contour numbers representing larger cumulative amounts of aircraft noise over an average one-year period. The ANEF units are not decibel measurements - they are contours based on community reaction to aircraft noise.

How does the proposed DCP amendment relate to the planning proposal?

The purpose of the proposed DCP amendment is to set out specific controls and a framework to guide the future development of the precinct.

Whats the role of the Victoria Road Precinct indicative masterplan?

The Victoria Road Precinct indicative masterplan sets out the overall vision, development principles and key elements for the precinct. It is a high level plan which sets out objectives and strategies to manage development and change over time. It is intended as a guide to demonstrate how the desired future character, development principles and key elements for the precinct may be achieved.

What does 'the built form' mean?

The term 'built form' essentially describes what a building looks like, its design, form, height and architectural style and the location of the building on the land.

What could happen to existing businesses if the land is rezoned?

Businesses that are already operating will continue – they are protected under a special regulation called “Existing use”. Even if an owner sells and the new owner is operating the same type of business under the same conditions of development approval, the new owner has existing use rights.  The rezoning would mean that new businesses defined as ‘general industry' would be prohibited.