Council is planning to improve the road, driveways and drainage in Graham Avenue, Marrickville. The proposed works would also enhance the streetscape with a new grass verge between the palm trees on the southern side of the road. This would allow cars to park along the edge of the grass verge, instead of between the palm trees, which would create an additional seven spaces. Through this work the width of the road would be reduced to 5.1 metres.

The proposed works include:

  • creating grass /verge gardens in between the palm trees which would provide additional protection for the trees;
  • painting edge line markings to define parking areas on both sides of the street;
  • replacing the existing sandstone gutter on the northern side with a new, higher, concrete gutter to improve driveway access;
  • constructing new laybacks and driveways on the northern side – at property owners’ request (and cost) or if specified in the final design;
  • upgrading the drainage, re-grading the road and constructing a new kerb and concrete gutter at the intersection of Graham Avenue and Petersham Road;
  • resurfacing the entire length of the road; and
  • working with residents who are interested in creating and maintaining a landscaped verge garden.

See the draft designs - Graham Avenue and Graham Ave/ Petersham Rd intersection

Have your say

Get in touch with Council using the form below before Wednesday 21 June 2017 if you are interested in:

  • making comment on the design or other elements of the street

  • creating and maintaining a new verge garden/s in your street

Driveway replacement options

There is an opportunity for householders replace their driveways at the same as Council contractors are constructing the new foot paths. The process is different depending on whether householders would a) like to pay Council contractors to do the work or b) bring in their own contractors.

a) For householders who would like to pay for Council contractors to do the work at the same time as they replace the footpaths

1. Request initial approval by submitting this form to Council by Wednesday 21 June 2017

Council’s Request for Approval for Vehicular Access (driveway Step 1)

2. In most cases approval is granted, and householders can then liaise directly with Council’s Contractor who will supply a quote on request. Council’s contractor details will be provided following approval of your application.

b) For householders who would like to bring their own contractors in to do the work at the same time as Council contractors replace the footpaths

1. Request initial approval by submitting this form to Council by Wednesday 21 June 2017

Council’s Request for Approval for Vehicular Access (driveway Step 1)

2. In most cases approval is granted and then this form should be filled in and submitted

Council’s Application for Construction of Vehicle Crossing and Civil Works (driveway Step 2)

The forms can be submitted in person at Council's Admin Centre, 2-14 Fisher St, Petersham or by email to

Driveways - who does what?

Under Section 218 of the Roads Act 1993, the property owner is responsible for a driveway and is liable for all construction and maintenance costs from property boundary to the road. As part of Council’s works we will repair sections of driveways, which have been damaged due to a utility service restoration or a Council tree. Any other damage to a driveway is the responsibility of the property owner.

What happens next?

Council has not made a final commitment to building these improvements. All feedback received will be included in a report to the Local Traffic Committee on 6 July 2017 and the recommendations from the Committee will be considered by Council at a meeting on 25 July 2017. Those residents who make submissions will be advised of the outcome following the Council meeting.

The works are planned for the 2017/18 financial year, depending on the outcome of the engagement process, final approvals and funding allocations. Residents will be notified before any works commence.


Please contact Ranji Nadarajah, Senior Engineer Investigation and Design, on 9335 2211.


I would like to talk to a Council officer about creating/maintaining a verge garden Required

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