Project updates

Project details

Council will soon begin constructing new footpaths, kerbs and a driveway on the east side of Gleeson Avenue between Unwins Bridge Road and 3 Gleeson Avenue to improve access for pedestrians.

Planning for the natural environment and infrastructure, like streets and lanes, will take place concurrently so that Council can:

  • help people move about easily
  • create more attractive places for people to live
  • contribute to a healthy environment through best practice water, tree, and biodiversity management
  • coordinate works so there is less disruption

This proposal would result in the creation of three on-street time limited parking spaces.

The plan

The new footpath will be constructed this financial year, subject to final funding allocations. As part of the work, Council will:

  • replace the existing damaged concrete footpath with a new concrete footpath
  • construct new kerb and footpath between 3 Gleeson Ave and Memory Reserve
  • continue the paved footpath from 3 Gleeson Ave to the new proposed driveway
  • provide an additional parking area for council’s park maintenance vehicle
  • replace any old or damaged street signs
  • repair any damaged existing private stormwater lines leading from properties (between the front boundary and gutter) within the area of work
  • send notification prior to works commencing

Have your say

Your feedback is important and will help Council make an informed decision about this matter. You can provide feedback on this proposal by completing the submission form below. The last day to provide feedback is Friday 19 August 2016.

What happens next?

Council will review and consider all the submissions received and look to address them where possible.