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Project details

Council is planning to install two sets of outdoor fitness equipment in local parks and we want your help to decide on the locations. Fitness stations in parks are a free and fun way to exercise and encourage greater community participation in physical activities.

Fitness stations are suitable for:

  • All ages and abilities
  • People wishing to exercise and get fit
  • People who have a customised training program
  • People working with a personal trainer

Boot camps are not permitted to use fitness stations in local parks.

Guidelines for selecting locations

Council has developed seven criteria to assess which parks are suitable for fitness equipment:

  1. Best practice design principles - open and inclusive with good site surveillance
  2. Located on a recreational trail or within close proximity to a bike path or bus route
  3. Site already has physical activity associated with the use of the park
  4. Potential for equipment to assist in activating an area of open space.
  5. Size of the park and its capacity to support new recreational equipment
  6. Potential impacts on local residents
  7. No trees or tree protection zones impacted

Proposed locations for fitness equipment

Based on the criteria above Council is considering six potential locations for the two sets of fitness stations:

  1. 36th Battalion Park - near Mackenzie Street
  2. Birchgrove Park - adjacent to the children's playground
  3. Cohen Park - adjacent to the children's playground
  4. Ewenton Park - adjacent to the car park
  5. Leichhardt number 3 sporting ground - adjacent to Le Montage function centre
  6. Mort Bay Park - in the cul-de-sac

What type of equipment is in the fitness stations?

The small fitness stations contain a combination of static and dynamic pieces of equipment.

  • Static equipment has no moving parts
  • Dynamic equipment has moving parts activated by the weight of a user’s body

Have your say

We'd like to hear your views on the criteria for selection of locations and which of the proposed locations you prefer. Complete the survey below to let us know what you think.

Last to day provided feedback is Sunday, 18 November 2018

Further information

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What happens next?

Council will receive a report with the community’s feedback at a future meeting and make a decision on which parks to install the fitness equipment in. Everyone who provides their email address will be notified when the report is available.