Project details

We invite your feedback on our draft Employment and Retail Lands Strategy (EaRLS) that will help Council manage Inner West employment lands and commercial centres. The document prioritises the long-term supply of industrial land, more commercial space and identifies distinct areas of business and employment lands. It provides clear controls for productive commercial and industrial land uses to facilitate job growth and thriving economies.


How was the draft strategy developed?

Council engaged consultants to prepare a draft study and strategy for employment and retail lands in Inner West. The study was guided by:

  • The Greater Sydney Commission’s Eastern City District Plan
  • The outcomes sought by Council’s Community Strategic Plan
  • An analysis of the geographic, land use, demographic, business and infrastructure context, including trends and influences
  • An analysis of the particular employment and retail lands in the local government area
  • Discussions with local business people, from both small scale operators and larger organisations, as well as local democracy groups and Council staff
  • An analysis of capacity, demand and growth required to 2036

What is being proposed?

The draft strategy consists of a vision and set of principles to address planning priorities from Council’s Community Strategic Plan and State Government Eastern City District Plan. It proposes:

  • Establishing Ashfield as the Inner West’s major centre, revitalising town centres and defining the functions of employment centres
  • Supporting night time economy land uses in town centres
  • Supporting and protecting land used for industry and urban services that business and residents need to operate
  • Managing impacts of new land uses on residents with new development controls
  • Supporting more public facilities, employment floor space or affordable creative and co-work space.

Have your say

Public exhibition closes Sunday 27 October 2019.

If you are Deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment you can contact us through the National Relay Service. You will need to provide our phone number 02 9392 5167.

If you need an interpreter you can contact us through the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450. You will need to provide our phone number 02 9392 5167.

What happens next?

The comments received will be reviewed following the exhibition period. The draft Strategy will be updated to address matters raised that are determined to better serve the interests of the community as a whole. Council will consider the final draft Strategy for adoption at a council meeting. Everyone who has made a submission will be notified prior to the Council meeting.