Project details

Inner West Council is proposing to grant an easement in favour of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for underground pipes and cables under Elkington Park, Glover Street, Balmain.

An easement is a permanent right to use the land only for the purposes specified in the easement. In this case, the proposed easement is for underground pipes and cables only, to connect new utilities services for Cockatoo Island to the mains at the end of White Street.

The easement site is from the Point, where there are existing water service pits, through the park to White Street.

The existing water pits will be moved further back from the scenic headland. The route to the underground cables is to avoid trees. Once work is completed, the pipes will be underground only and the use of the park will be unaffected.

Public notice documents

  • the Administrator’s determination
  • the Environment Impact Assessment submitted by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Trust.

Have your say

Submissions on the proposed grant of the easement can be made by completing the form below. The last day to make a submission is Wednesday 14 June 2017.

Next steps

All submissions received will be considered before the proposal is confirmed. The decision will be published on this project page.